10 Tips for Cutting Wedding Costs

0520 © 2016 Bowerbird PhotographyThanks to reality TV, over-the-top weddings with platinum pricing are all the rage. Weddings don't have to put you in debt. I created these 10 tips for cutting weddings costs to make you feel better when you are looking at your wedding budget.

Our advice? This is a magic time in your life; the blending of two lives. Paying off an extravagant wedding for months or even years after your wedding can cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

How We Learned Our Tips For Cutting Wedding Costs and how it benefits you!

With our years of planning and coordinating experience, we have become experts at optimizing wedding budgets.

Our experience has increased our creativity and resourcefulness.

Our job is to make certain you have the best possible wedding your budget will allow.

We are sharing our top ten tips for cutting wedding costs so you can dodge unnecessary expenses without sacrificing the magic of your ceremony.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - D-I-Y invitations: 

While we LOVE all things wedding paper related, there are a lot of invitation tips for cutting weddings costs.

Today there are a plethora of online tools for creating your wedding invitations and other wedding stationary needs. If you've already been shopping for designers and printers, you know the cost for papering your wedding can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So why not tap your natural creativity to save a few bucks?

We can also help you with ideas on how to create your own DIY invitations.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Pick flowers from a local garden or field:

Sure, your florist's arrangements are gorgeous, but they are also a significant expense. Why not forgo the florist and source your flowers from a friend's garden or nearby field of wildflowers?

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Edit the guest list (again):

Let's face it - your wedding day is a sacred event. Determining who should attend means making hard decisions. Don't worry about inviting every friend you've ever made or that cute new couple moving in next door if it means stretching your budget. Want to add to the magic of the day? Keep your ceremony and reception quaint and intimate.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Arrange for a private home for your wedding site:

Arranging to rent or borrow a private home dramatically cuts down on your costs - remember, your choice of venue is most often the largest number in your wedding budget. But there's another bonus - some vendors will only work with certain sites. When you chose to use a private residence as your wedding venue, you are opening up all of your vendor possibilities.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Cocktail Receptions:

For budget conscious couples, the classic cocktail reception can save thousands of dollars over the cost of plated meals and menus. Or why not go the tapas route? Consider replacing formal seated meals and service with trendy hors d'oeuvres.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Plan your wedding on an off-day:

Why stick to the traditional Saturday afternoon wedding? Planning your wedding on Sunday evening or Friday afternoon comes with bonuses: hotel and airfare are generally less expensive and other wedding essentials vendors may have price breaks as well.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Nix the bridal party:

You can save a ton on thank you gifts, bouquets, and boutonnières by just saying 'no' to the idea of groomsmen and bridesmaids. You can still offer your friends a place in the ceremony by asking them to wear a distinctive color or to read a poem.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Shop consignment stores for your wedding gown:

If you want a great deal on trendy wedding dress labels, consider looking in resale wedding gown stores. Why not select a vintage gown and updating it with new buttons, sash, or neckline at your favorite tailor?

You can also buy a used wedding dress online.  This option is gaining in popularity.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Limit the bar:

While your friends may say, "Nooooo" your budget may say yes to limiting the bar.

Beverage costs are usually a large line item on wedding budgets. Limiting your bar to wine and beer not only saves money but can also avoid embarrassments - we all have that one uncle, right?

We have the connections and affiliations to get your the best price for your bar needs.

Tips for cutting weddings costs - Have a friend craft your wedding-day look:

You know the friend who does your make up for Friday nights out on the town? Why not ask her to do your makeup on your big day? Another tip: do practice runs ahead of your wedding and take photos of yourself. What colors and tools work best to create the look you really, really want?

In the end, making a few minor adjustments in your spending will cut wedding costs in significant ways. There are other tradeoffs to consider as well. Perhaps your photographer is out of this world and is non-negotiable. Consider cutting your floral costs to make up the difference.

As you look at your budget, our number one tip is cut back where you can and splurge where it matters most.

Most people think that hiring a wedding planner is out of their budget or will add on the cost, but the truth is, we have the insight and connections to work within your budget.  We often can get a discount of things that you cannot.

Contact us today and let's talk about your budget and how we can help make your dream wedding a reality.


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