10 Tips for a Wedding Ready Body

Brides are stunning, beautiful, and radiant. As you begin your wedding planning journey, it’s natural to want to look and feel your best on the big day. These ten tips can help you get ready for your walk down the aisle.

Start Early

Most brides jump right into a wedding diet and exercise routine after getting engaged. Taking advantage of early excitement is great because sculpting your body takes awhile. Starting early gives you time to look your best without resorting to dangerous crash diets.

Set Realistic Goals

Set goals for yourself that are realistic and healthy. Losing one to two pounds of weight per week is considered ideal by most experts. Sticking with healthy weight loss and realistic goals helps you stay on track and reduces frustration and disappointment.

Think About Fashion

Use your dress to guide your workout strategy. Overall fitness is important, but it doesn’t hurt to focus on specific areas that will make you look better. Use free weights to sculpt your arms and shoulders if your dress is strapless, or do squats and crunches to develop your hourglass figure for a dress that hugs your curves.

Get a Workout Buddy

A workout partner makes it more fun to get in shape for your wedding. Your fiancé, a member of your bridal party, or one of your guests can make a great workout buddy. Of course, there’s also no reason you can’t have more than one. Getting your whole bridal party together to hit the gym or go for a jog is great way to spend time together and get fit. Workout partners help you stay motivated and hold you accountable, making you more likely to see results.

Eat Healthy Foods

Wedding planning involves food. From cake tasting to bridal showers, there are plenty of times to indulge. Enjoy this perk of planning, but try not to overdo it. Between special events, focus on eating healthy foods and limiting processed foods and caffeine. Your skin and body will appreciate your efforts.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is also important for a healthy diet. Staying hydrated helps you feel healthier and more alert, which is particularly important with all the decisions you need to make during wedding planning. Plenty of water also helps your skin look fresher, cleaner, and brighter.

Stick to a Skincare Routine

You know that nightmare where you wake up the morning of your wedding and discover a huge pimple? Help keep it from becoming reality by sticking with a simple skincare routine. Don’t experiment with new products before the wedding because you don’t know what they’ll do to your skin. And make sure to wash off your makeup, no matter how late your bachelorette party goes.

Get a Wedding Glow

You’ve worked hard to get your body ready for your wedding day, so add a glow with a perfect wedding tan. Try out different self-tanners before the wedding so you can find one that looks natural on your skin. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for this; you don’t want to end up with an orange tint lingering on your skin on the day of your wedding.

Brighten Your Smile

Give your pearly whites an extra sparkle for your big day. Visit your dentist for a cleaning in the weeks before your wedding. You may also want to have your teeth professionally whitened. You’ll be looking at your smile in the pictures for years, so make sure it looks great.

Trim Your Locks

Avoid making a dramatic change right before your wedding, but don’t skip a haircut entirely. Ask your stylist to trim the ends of your hair and bangs, if you have any. This freshens things up and adds to your overall beauty.

Wedding preparation is an exciting time. But between getting your body ready and deciding about the million little details involved in planning, it’s also a stressful time. Lighten your load by working with a professional wedding planner. They reduce the stress of wedding planning so you can look and feel beautiful at your wedding as you enjoy the day like one of your guests.