2016 Wedding Trends - What You Need To Know Today

2016 wedding trends Well, January is wrapping up and the new year is in full swing – and with the new year, new 2016 wedding trends are making a splashy appearance in Sonoma and Napa. The Knot’s annual wedding trends report is always spot-on, and we expect this year to be no different.

Here’s what’s is hot in 2016 Wedding Trends:

Fashion-forward florals:

In 2016, florals are no longer limited to bouquets and centerpieces. Today, savvy brides are opting for 3D floral details and painted floral wedding gowns – both are hot trends.

2-in-1 Dresses (Smartest 2016 Wedding Trends)

Let’s face it, we’re all looking to get the best possible deal on the oh-so-perfect wedding dress, right?  The convertible wedding dress may just be the ticket – with a quick zip, it takes you from ceremony chic to reception swank. What could be better?

Choirs with Attitude

Why not take your big day up a notch with a custom choir performance? Your ensemble can electrify everyone with an ocapella version of your favorite song at the reception, or even serenade guests before the ceremony.

Secondary “Satellite” Bars (Best Crowd Pleasing 2016 Wedding Trends)

Ok, so one bar can get crowded fast – so why not add one or two satellite bars? The new trends feature bars that feature branded cocktails and flights of wine tastings.

Midnight Karaoke

If you want to keep the party steaming ahead, think karaoke. It’s simply the best way to keep your guests entertained waaaaay into the night.

Sweet & Tasty (Yummiest 2016 Wedding Trends)

Traditional wedding cakes are…well, traditional. Welcome to 2016, where video projection mapping is all the rage – and if that still isn’t enough for your tastes, consider custom donut displays and mini-popsicles.

Total Personalization

Hey – did we mention it’s 2016? More than ever, couples are using their wedding day to display their uniqueness. From asking a friend to officiate to decorating the tables with centerpieces inspired by their favorite book or movie, personalization is a key trend in 2016 and beyond.

Stylin’ Grooms

Today the bride isn’t the only one switching up their wardrobe mid-wedding; now the grooms are getting in on the act as well. Some fashion-forward grooms are doing something as simple as adding a pocket tie or ditching their bow-tie for the reception while others are switching their jackets altogether.

Local Food 

Most of us in Sonoma County are foodies – we’re spoiled by locally sourced produce and proteins in our grocery stores and restaurants. When it comes to your wedding, think high-quality local fare like grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish with veggies from one of our local farms.

No matter what the year or trend, we can help you have your dream wedding; your way!  Book a consultation with me now to see what I can offer you.

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