Insurance Options for Your Wedding

by Michael Albee

Let’s face it - it isn’t wise to not back up your wedding with insurance, especially for your wedding ring and ceremony. If you’re like most of the brides we work with, your fiancé likely KILLED IT with the design of your engagement ring, but the size might have been a bit off.

Unfortunately we see this issue often. Maybe it’s a little cold, or perhaps you lost a little weight. The ring was close, but still a tiny bit loose.

Stow It

We get it - your engagement ring is gorgeous and who doesn’t want to show it off to their friends and family? As much as you might want to compromise and wear it, our advice is to take it off and put it in a safe place until you have the time to get it resized.

But it gets worse. We hear stories from our brides who have lost their engagement rings. Maybe you talk with your hands and your ring flies off unnoticed. Or perhaps you are out on your morning run and your ring slips off.

Ring Insurance

Stuff happens, right? Maybe you loose your ring during your engagement or while on your honeymoon. So whether the stones come loose, or it falls off swimming in the ocean; we see this all the time.

Your wedding planner will have contacts in the wedding insurance industry and know the ins and outs of various insurance plans.

Wedding Insurance

Ok, maybe you lost your ring and your ring insurance provided a new ring. Either way, if you have your ring and it’s correctly sized, don’t hesitate to show it off. Instagram away!

If your wedding date is looming, it’s time to find liability insurance. After all, your dream wedding may cost as much as your car, and you should protect your investment.

If you are a current or potential client, we would love to share our experience and recommend the right insurance option for your unique wedding.

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