The Five Most Useful Wedding Planning Tips

Just as we say goodbye to another year, you might be feeling some pressure to kick up your wedding planning. So if you are engaged and 2019 is the year you want to get married, this post is for you! What follows is a short list of practical wedding planning tips so help guide you down the aisle.

  1. Pay attention to the smallest details and spend small amounts to make the most impact on your wedding theme. For example, I like to dress up the restrooms at the venue. From a simple flower to goody bags with spruce up essentials, it will tell your guests that you appreciate them being here. 

  2. No matter how it fits or even how it looks on you - don’t buy the first dress you try on. Our advice? Take your time. Try differently styles in different stores, and don’t let yourself be  pressured into a deposit before you leave. 

  3. Spend more money on the things that matter to you most. Foodie? Invest in catering options. Music lover? You might kick it up a notch and splurge on a live band. If you are not a fan of champagne, you can skip the champagne toast altogether. 

  4. So maybe you wish the reception venue was more hip, or larger, or maybe more intimate. You can’t change your venue, but you can change the lighting. Although often overlooked, an elegant lighting display is a solid use of your wedding budget.

  5. It my help to step out of your bride mode and consider your guest experience. Tall centerpieces can add a dramatic effect to your tablescape, but they also prevent cross-table chats. Long tables can look great on the floor plan, but it means your guests can only talk to the four people around them.