Our Top Honeymoon Tips

Don ’t worry about it – planning your honeymoon at the same time as your wedding is more common than you think. Your honeymoon, after all, is more than just a romantic vacation – it is your launchpad into married life and something you will remember for the rest of your life.

With that in mind, we reached out to several of our travel planner buds and put together this list of the top honeymoon planning tips.

1.    Get an idea from your geography

Sure, Fiji and Hawaii are amazing for honeymoons – but only if you have two or more weeks allotted. If you have just one week scheduled, you should probably concentrate on your travel time. Exotic locations may entail 24 hours of travel time or more, which can severely cut into your actual honeymoon time.

2.    Start planning your honeymoon

It may seem trite, but the sooner, the better. Planning further ahead provides steep discounts in airfare and accommodations, but also gives you time to budget and get your travel documents together.

3.    What day will you be leaving?

If like many couples, your ceremony is on a Saturday, your gut reaction is to schedule leaving for your honeymoon on Sunday. If you are venturing into the Caribbean, however, you will likely find that most flights leave early in the morning. The time of year is also a consideration – summer here, for example, may be storm season in your chosen honeymoon destination.

4.    What style of honeymoon do you want?

It’s essential that you and your fiancé discuss your honeymoon plans and discuss what’s important to each of you. Are you looking for relaxation, touring, or wild adventure? Taking the time to communicate your vision is critical.

5.    What type of accommodations are you looking for?

All inclusive? Boutique? Glamping? If you want to know exactly how much your accommodations are going to cost, all-inclusive may win the day. Some resorts even include excursions as part of their honeymoon package.

6.    Maybe your destination offers something special for honeymooners

A lot of resorts offer something special for couples on their honeymoon. Sometimes it is a special gift and other times significant discounts on excursions. It’s worth checking ahead of arrival, to give the resort time to prepare for your arrival.

7.    Does your destination require vaccinations or a visa?

If you are working with a travel planner, check with them ahead of time to confirm if you need a visa and/or vaccination. If not, call the reservation office or concierge at your resort, and they should be able to help. Many countries also require a passport valid for at least 6 months after entry. Finally, check with your doctor to determine if the required vaccination might be problematic with other medications you are currently taking.

8.    How much do I need to cover the deposit?

Many tour operators require a deposit 45 days prior. Tip: ask if the tour operator has any specials or other discounts.

9.    Do you need honeymoon insurance?

We know, this is your honeymoon, right? What could go wrong? There are dozens of circumstances that could result in canceling or rescheduling your trip. And don’t forget, you may need medical assistance while traveling. Travel insurance is generally cheap and provides a sense of security if an unfortunate scenario arises.


Lura Albee