Top Tips for 2019 Weddings

By now, most of us have settled in 2019 and are no longer writing 2018 into our checkbooks. That being said, 2019 is shaping into an exciting year for planning a wedding. If you are rolling up your sleeves and digging into the details of your wedding, then this post is for you. What follows is a short list of some points that I have found couples often forget about and I hope they prove useful as your work toward heading down the aisle stress-free.

1. Look for small price tag items that will make a huge impact. For example, I like to add some style to the restrooms – it’s easy, affordable, and stands out. Consider filling baskets with items both men and women can spruce up a bit after cutting a rug on the dance floor. An easy way to show your appreciation for coming is to browse options on Shutterfly such as custom mirror decals. Other options include lighting some scented candles and placing display florals to add some atmosphere.

2. Just say no to the first dress you try on, even if you think it’s perfect. Do yourself a favor and shop around – you don’t want buyer’s remorse on your wedding day. After all, you can always come back to that oh-so-perfect first dress and know you are making the right decision.

3. Focus on the guest experience when deciding on your dining décor. Long tables often look elegant, but it also means your guests can only converse with the four people nearest to them. I have found round tables dramatically increase conversation and guest enjoyment. Similarly, tall centerpieces add style to the table, but it hinders conversation across the table. In the end, remember style often mean compromises to your guest experience.

4. Spend money on essential things. If you and your partner are foodies, invest in catering. Or perhaps you are both music lovers? Splurge on live music. I am also seeing more and more couples skipping the traditional champagne toast. Most of your guests won’t finish their glass, and it’s quickly forgotten. Instead, let your guests cheer with their choice of wine or cocktail.

5. Lighting can play a significant part in your wedding. Even the most modest venue can become elegant with the right mix of light. I have found lighting is one of the best investments couples can make for their wedding. It also ensures beautiful photos!

I hope these tips will help you add a dash of your personal style to your wedding. For more of my best wedding planning advice, subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Lura AlbeeComment