Top Trending Style Tips for Grooms in 2019

Let’s face it guys, your bride will receive most of the attention at your wedding. I believe we are set for a change, though, and I am already seeing my grooms going the extra mile when it comes to their fashion statement on their big day. With the advent of specialized companies like The Black Tux, there are more options for grooms than ever before. The wedding season in northern California is already well underway, and there is no reason a groom can’t catch some of the spotlight at their wedding. Here are some of the groom style trends I am seeing this year.

Second Suits: While brides long could slip out of their wedding dress and put something on better suited for cutting a rug on the dance floor, grooms have had to do their best in their wedding attire. But no more! More and more grooms are packing a second suit and changing before the reception. So chose something elegant and classy for your ceremony and switch to a svelte dinner jacket for the reception.

Three Piece Suits: This year the classic three-piece suit is back in 2019 and is raising the style bar more than ever before. The best part? They transition well from your ceremony to your reception, and you can even lose the jacket and roll up your sleeves for a very casual GQ look.

Two Tone Tuxedos: There is nothing more classic than a traditional tux, but some of my grooms are changing up to a contrasting lapel. Navy and black seem to be the most popular choices this year.

Velvet: 2019 is definitely the year of velvet when it comes to stylizing weddings. We are seeing this everywhere from table linens to ring boxes, and the luxurious texture really makes a statement on the suite and tie of the well-styled groom.

Color and Pattern: Rock your wedding day with a Burgundy and Royal Blue (the IT colors of 2019) on your tweeds and florals (think of a dramatic floral tie, for example).

Let’s hear it for the boys!