Five Valuable Wedding Day Tips From A Professional Wedding Planner

I have been planning and coordinating all types of weddings in Napa and Sonoma counties for decades. That being said, I know how stressful a wedding day can be for a bride. Here are my top five stress-busting tips for brides on their wedding day, and I hope they can help you be in the moment rather than worrying about details.

1. Don't stress the minutia. No matter how much work and time you and your planner has put into your wedding, there are still things beyond your control - think of the weather or your husband's crazy best buddy. Don't allow yourself to stress over things you can't control and miss out on the massive amount of joy and love around you.

2. The big day will go by faster than you ever imagined. My best advice is to take a moment when you are walking down the aisle to breathe and take it all in. Remember you will savor this day for the rest of your life.

3. Practice kindness. Stress manifests differently in people, and you may not even realize how anxiety is creeping into your outlook. Believe me, that snarky comment to a server in the heat of the moment will foster regret in your mind in short order. Kindness can set the tone of your entire day.

4. Don't forget to eat. You may be tempted to skip breakfast on the big day and just pick at your reception meal. After all, there are so many people to talk to, right? The problem, of course, is your energy level later in the evening will plummet (especially if you factor in a drink or two).

5. Dance! This is your moment, and what's a better time than dancing with your new hubby? Regardless of your dance skills, if you're having a blast skipping the lights fantastic, your guests will as well.