Why not go an extra step for your bridesmaids?

Your bridesmaids have shown you their support in so many different ways, so isn't it time to give back some of that love?

One way to express your appreciation is to provide an excellent selection of dancing flats just before the dancing begins. Because, after all, the perfect high heeled wedding shoe isn't all that perfect for cutting the rug later at the reception.

Enter the good folks over at Rollasole.com. They offer an elegant and custom box of a dozen pairs of small, medium, and large dancing slippers explicitly designed for wedding receptions.

The box itself is an exercise in trendy elegances. The lid reads, "For the bride and her sole-sisters." But the stylings don't stop there. Open the box, and you will find the slippers sprinkled with rose petals and twelve bags to store their high heels in while they're dancing the night away. Finally, the Rollasole wedding collection features a neutral champagne color that enhances the look of almost any dress.

Once the dancing is over, these handy dancing flats live their second life as party favor since your bridesmaids can take them home and wear them the next time they go dancing.

So! Are you ready to add a dash of creativity and thoughtfulness to your ceremony and reception? Cute and comfort win every time. Even better, though, is when your bridesmaids first lay their eyes on their comfy dancing shoes, they will know you were thinking ahead about the guest experience.

Lura Albee