Six Must-Have Tools for Planning Your Wedding & Honeymoon

As a professional wedding planner, I am used to the idea of planning a wedding is like juggling a hundred different things at any given time. If you have a good wedding planner at your side, chances are you will dodge most of the stress and let yourself enjoy the planning process. Still, there are many ways websites and apps can enhance your experience and even add a dash of fun, too. After all, hasn’t tech changed your entire life? Why not let it add some order to your wedding planning? Here are six of my fave planning tools I recommend to my brides.

Pinterest - of course! Browsing Pinterest and gathering pictures that resonate with your desired wedding style is a must. Not only will it help you better define your vision, but your collection will also convey your style to your planner and wedding party.

PartySlate - although there is a bit of overlap with Pinterest and PartySlate, I believe using both have positive benefits. With PartySlate, you will find beautiful images not available on Pinterest and will be able to create notes about what you love. Another feature enables you to short-list your vendors and venues. Finally, PartySlate images are easy to share with your planner, venue, and vendors.

Google Calendar - Yeah, I know - Google Calendar has been around the block a few times and is somewhat old school now. Still, it has a plethora of fantastic features - like the ability to add appointments directly from your email. But the fun doesn’t stop there - you can share your calendar with your fiance, family, and planner.

Your Registry - it used to be you could only set up one registry with a specific store. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find a new breed of online registries like Zola. These apps allow you to choose from multiple retailers and even honeymoon funds.

Stream It - why not live stream your wedding for all the folks that couldn’t be there live? It allows your faraway peeps to be part of the festivities and adds a touch of tech-citement to your wedding. And while there are many streaming services to choose from, you can always just keep it simple by streaming to Facebook and Instagram.

Your Honeymoon - with all the wedding craziness, it’s easy to push your honeymoon planning to the back of your priorities. For that reason, we think it’s a great idea to invest in an app like TripIt, which enables you to effortlessly track your hotel reservations, flights, and all the other details of your honeymoon in one central place. Even better, you can also share trip information and detailed itineraries with your family and friends.