Tips On Choosing Your Dream Destination Wedding Location

It’s all too common – fortune and destiny have landed you in a city far away from your family. Worse, the same is true for your fiancé – so with friends and family scattered in so many places, how can you possibly decide on the oh-so-perfect location for your wedding? Back in the day, it was easier – weddings were almost always held in the hometown of the bride. Fast forward to today, however, and you will find the rules and conventions are always changing – so it’s becoming more trendy and popular for couples to pick their dream destination for their wedding. And what’s wrong with that? After all, a wedding is all about two people coming together to share their lives. What could be better than hosting your wedding at a venue and location that’s unique and totally you? Here are a few tips to consider when you sit down to decide on the perfect spot to celebrate.

First, if you are like most people, your hometown is probably where most of your family and friends live. A lot of people choose to “return to their roots” by hosting their wedding in their hometown. Not only does it create a meaningful event for the people who have been in your life the longest, but it also provides a fabulous way to share your personal history with your fiancé and his/her family. So whether you plan your wedding at your family’s church or home – or anywhere else with special meaning to you – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share intimately a slice of your yourself with the love of your life.

If the hometown option doesn’t light your fire, what about a family vacation destination? Often family vacation homes are the places where many of your most cherished memories were formed. For example, I know one couple who returned to Napa every year for their summer vacation. When it came time to plan their wedding, they instantly knew that Napa was their wedding destination of choice – a place that was not only important to both of them, but would become a vacation destination going forward with their children.

But what if your current location is desirable? Maybe you were born in Minnesota, for example, but now live in Northern California, a place filled with fabulous wedding venues. In most cases like this, you will probably find that your guests are happy to make the trip across the country, especially in the spring and summer.

Or perhaps you and your intended are from different parts of the country and met in a third city. Why not commemorate your experience by hosting your wedding there? Or perhaps you met your fiancé while travelling in New York City, or happened to meet each other at a vacation spot like the Bahamas. Whatever your storyline, returning to the place where you met for your wedding can be incredibly significant in a full-circle kind of way.

Finally, there are a couple of other options. What about having your wedding someplace neither of you have ever been before? A place on your joint bucket list can not only be the most exciting venue but can also serve as a launching point for your honeymoon. Think: a stunning tropical resort or even someplace more exotic can not only serve for your wedding but act as a vacation spot for those in your wedding party. These types of destinations will not only be memorable, but they will also create an incredible, long-lasting bond between couples and their guests.