5 Amazing Personal Touches That Will Wow Your Wedding Guests

rustic-chic wedding theme Are you trying to make your wedding more memorable? There are many things you can do with the purpose of creating a more personal touch to your wedding. The five solutions you will read about here are proof that you can make your wedding something that is truly reflective of whom you and your new partner are.

Offer Coloring Books

You can share the story of your love with the guests at your party with coloring books. A coloring book can be commissioned for creation with the name of you and your new partner on it. This book can be customized with different drawings reflective of your story and interests.

This is ideal for children who will be at the wedding. This can also be perfect for adults, what with adult coloring books becoming more popular in recent years. Of course, adult designs can look great if you have a more elaborate series of designs on the books.

Give Out Special CDs

Great compact discs that feature your favorite songs can be given out too. These discs can include songs that feature your favorite love songs or ones that are reflective of your relationship. These could include songs like the one that you fell in love with or even something played at a post-ceremony reception. This can be made as many times as needed and can come with customized artwork featuring the date of the wedding among other personal touches.

Post Historical Photos

Various photos relating to your history can be posted around the site of your ceremony. You and your partner can take old pictures of each other and post them around the site in chronological order. This is to show off your history and to make your wedding a more personal affair.

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Serve a Signature Cocktail

While the drink service at your wedding can always be enjoyable, you should consider creating something a little more unique. Offer your special signature cocktail at the wedding. This can be made with a variety of alcoholic drinks and mixed in with some special accents like various fruit juices or spices. You can always send details on how to make the drink after the wedding too.

You’ll have to talk with your drink provider to see what options can work. You should test the choices out and see what styles are right for your wedding so you will have something unique and special to serve to everyone without risking a bad taste.

Custom Label Various Things

The last idea is to offer custom labels onto many things at your wedding. From labels on wine or beer bottles to labels on the chairs, anything that features your names and the date of the wedding among other personal details can work. These should be organized with a distinctive look to make them stand out. Anything that is especially easy to establish and display will always be worthwhile, but you will have the final call as to how you’re going to use all those labels.

These are all good options to consider when figuring out what you can do to make your wedding more unique. The little things that can be done to make your wedding memorable were particularly worthwhile.