5 Secrets for Writing Your Wedding Vows

The flowers, the cake, the dress! In the midst of wedding planning, it’s easy to get swept away by visions of the day or caught up in the many details to plan. With the excitement and stress of planning, don’t neglect one of the most special moments of the celebration, the exchange of vows. Original vows are a personal and timeless expression of your commitment to your partner; you’ve probably pictured a perfect scene where you gaze into your partner’s eyes and share your vows in front of family and friends. But now the big day is drawing near and you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper, if you even have time to do that with all the other planning going on. Your wedding planner in Napa takes some of the pressure of wedding planning off your shoulders so you have time to write, and the following tips can help make the actual writing easier.

Spread Out the Writing

Get a journal for your wedding vows and plan to write a little each day. It doesn’t have to be much or sound good, just start writing. Some days you’ll be inspired and have a lot to write; others you may wonder why you decided to marry your fiancé in the first place, which gives you the opportunity to write about why you picked him and why you’re choosing him even on days he drives you nuts. A marathon writing session isn’t a good idea, especially the night before your wedding. Give yourself time to write meaningful, thought-out vows.

Prioritize Authenticity

Marriage is hard work. Although love songs and romantic comedies focus on happily ever after, that’s not the case in real life. Reflect the honest state of your relationship in your vows and make authentic promises to your partner. Regurgitated love clichés have a place, but not in your wedding vows. Avoid the temptation to be guarded as well. Speaking vulnerable things in front of friends and family can be intimidating, but your fiancé deserves to know your honest thoughts and promises on your wedding day.

Keep it Personal

Highlight who you are as a couple and where you’re headed. You know your strengths and weaknesses; think about the promises you can make based on a recent heart-to-heart or argument. Ask yourself what your fiancé needs to hear. Your promises might include that you won’t go to bed angry or that you’re going to try to be more patient. Make the most of this opportunity to share personal, beautiful promises with your partner in front of friends and family.

Find Inspiration

Original ideas are hard to come by, especially when it feels like everything in the world of romance has already been said and done. Instead of being discouraged, turn that into inspiration. Love songs, quotations about love, and romantic movies or novels can help your brain think in the right direction. A wedding planner in Sonoma is a great resource for inspirational love quotations. Borrow a favorite line about love and tailor it to match your relationship; your personal twist can make it original.

Answer the Right Questions

Brainstorm a list of questions that are relevant to your relationship. How did you meet? When did you realize you were in love? How has your partner changed the way you see the world? How does your partner inspire you? What do you expect from marriage? Where do you see your relationship in 20 years? Thoughtfully answer questions like these and use the details as starting points for writing your vows.

Writing your vows shouldn’t add stress to wedding planning; you have enough stress already. Use these tips to help you write meaningful vows, and work with a wedding planner in Napa to cut the stress of planning. At the end of the day, the important thing is that your partner knows you are committed to them. Your wedding planner in Sonoma helps you plan a beautiful and meaningful celebration of that commitment. So relax, start writing, and get ready for a wonderful wedding, where you can enjoy the day like one of the guests.