6 Easy Habits of People in the Most Successful Marriages

Healthy relationships don’t happen overnight, and they aren’t as easy as some couples make them look. Being committed to your partner and learning to deal with conflicts together helps your relationship grow stronger. If you are in the midst of planning a wedding, there is no better time to start building a healthy romantic relationship by developing these six habits.

Compliment Your Partner

Talking positively about your partner to friends, relatives, kids, and coworkers is a wonderful way to maintain a strong connection. It also helps you avoid the undermining behavior of complaining about your partner in front of others. Refrain from name-calling, biting comments, labeling, and disparaging remarks whether you are alone or in public, even if you are fighting or just joking around. Treat your partner with love and respect all the time, and use your words to build them up, whether you are together or not.

Practice Empathy

There are many misunderstandings that pop up in all marriages; trying to see things from your partner’s point of view helps you overcome these situations. Knowing that you understand how they feel or what they are thinking helps your partner feel heard and valued. Empathy is a conflict management skill that can be difficult at times, but it is well worth the effort and shows your partner that you care.

Continue Flirting with One Another

Flirting is a fun way to express love and excitement for your partner. Relationships without flirting often become boring and bland, but flirting with your partner is a playful way to let them know you are still attracted to them. Looking into your partner’s eyes, catching their eye from across the room, brushing up against them, or sending flirty texts are fun ways to express your affection. So follow the lead of many healthy couples by continuing to flirt with your partner, and do so a lot.

Appreciate Your Partner’s Positive Qualities

Focus on the positive qualities in your partner rather than harping on their negative qualities. All couples have problems and many things they could complain about, but healthy couples don’t focus on the complaints. Instead they express gratitude for the many good things they do for each other.

Make Time to Connect with Your Partner

Life is busy and it is easy to become so involved with work, family problems, wedding planning, or other things that don’t have time left for your partner. But making time to connect with your partner is important in maintaining a healthy relationship. Develop a regular time in your daily routine where you and your partner can spend time together, whether it is walking the dog or cooking dinner together, watching a favorite show, or setting aside time to talk.

Forgive Your Partner and Move On

All couples fight, but how you handle those fights makes a big difference. Partners in healthy marriages admit their mistakes, apologize, and then move on. Don’t hold grudges against your partner or create an emotional distance from them after a disagreement. Forgive and move on so that you can enjoy life with your partner, even after a recent disagreement. Laughter is a great way to loosen up; couples who laugh together a lot are usually less likely to remain upset with one another.

As you plan your wedding, take time to practice these habits and strengthen your relationship to prepare for a healthy marriage. Wedding planning is stressful and can put strain on relationships, so now is a great time to work on these habits. Hiring a Napa wedding planner takes the pressure of planning off you and your partner, so you can focus on building your relationship as you prepare for the next step. Your wedding day is a beautiful, special time for you and your partner, but it is just the beginning of a beautiful time in your relationship. Preparing for marriage ahead of time helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your loved one. So relax and let your Napa wedding planner handle the stress of wedding planning so that you can have a wonderful wedding where you can enjoy yourself like one of the guests.