6 Engagement Ring Trends in 2017 You Won't Want to Miss

Like anything else, there are highs and lows in the engagement ring industry. The good news is that 2017 is expected to be a big high! Lots of new trends and design elements are hitting your nearest jewelry store, and it's up to you to decide which you'd like to see when your partner goes to one knee. Here are just six of the biggest engagement ring trends of the new year.

  1. Simplicity

Experts have been predicting this for awhile, and it's finally happening in 2017. After years of engagement rings getting bigger, bolder and shinier, the trend has reached its peak and is coming back down again. The new "it" ring is an understated one. It doesn't have a thousand diamonds or an elaborate setting, and you don't have to be a Kardashian to afford it. If you're a bride-to-be on a budget, this is definitely a trend that works in your favor!

  1. Colored Gemstones

The jewelry industry is being splashed with color in 2017. While diamonds are still a girl's best friend, they're starting to get supplemented or even replaced with bold, vibrant gemstones in all shades of the rainbow. Here are just a few ideas if you want to experiment with the color wheel yourself:

- Deep blue sapphires

- Passionate red rubies

- Warm chocolate diamonds

- Dazzling green emeralds

- Delicate pink morganite

If you want something truly outside of the box, you can even find engagement rings with black diamonds. They'll be a dramatic fashion statement for the woman with confidence.

  1. Cushion Cuts

Cushion-cut rings, also known as pillow-cut rings, have rounded edges instead of square ones. They're also made with large facets to help their diamonds catch and reflect light. While already popular with celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Bar Refaeli, they're predicted to take off even more in the coming months. If you want your finger to sparkle every time you shake hands or tuck your hair behind your ear, hop on the bandwagon!

  1. Accented Bands

Gone are the days when engagement ring bands were only used as props for an oversized diamond. Today's designs incorporate the band into the ring's overall aesthetic, and they can include a variety of shapes, sizes, accents, finishes and general materials. For example, a diamond-encrusted band will catch the sunlight from every angle. A white-gold band will contrast nicely with a glittering diamond. The possibilities are endless, and so are the trends.

  1. Unique Halos

A "halo" setting has one big stone surrounded by many smaller stones. They're used in ultra-stylish engagement rings to convey wealth and luxury, and 2017 will see them take things one step further with unconventional designs meant to pop. For instance, you might find an engagement ring with a "twisted halo" where small bands of diamonds curve around a large centerpiece diamond. If you can afford it, it'll definitely be an eye-catching addition to your ring finger.

  1. Vintage

Does this go hand-in-hand with the "simple" aesthetic? Vintage engagement rings have been spotted on everyone from Jessica Biel to Mary Kate Olsen, and they tend to be understated as a rule. Edwardian rings are making a particular comeback with their classic, single-stone look that doesn't boast a lot of decoration. Many of today's hottest engagement rings could pass as authentic throwbacks to your grandma's time. In fact, you could probably just re-size her old ring if you wanted an heirloom piece!

These are just six engagement ring trends to help you rock that rock. Whether you're looking for a simple piece or a stunning show-stopper, let these trends serve as inspiration as you shop around for the perfect ring.