7 Easy Steps For Planning An Unforgettable Wedding

Dreaming up a wedding that reflects your relationship and style is important, but can be complicated. Brides and grooms often struggle with planning the largest, most high stakes party they are likely to throw. After the blood, sweat, and tears of planning, you want a beautiful wedding that represents you and your love for one another. The following seven steps can help you design an unforgettable and personal wedding.

Give It Some Thought

Even if you have been dreaming about your perfect wedding for years, once you’re betrothed and the planning starts, it’s time to really consider what you want. Sit down with your partner and work through the following questions early on, before meeting with a wedding planner in Sonoma:

  • What size wedding do you want, large or small?
  • What season or time of year do you prefer?
  • Would you prefer an indoor or outdoor ceremony?
  • Do you want a wedding at home or at a far-off destination?
  • What styles and themes appeal to you (modern, glam, rustic, romantic, vintage)?

Dealing with the big questions makes it a little easier to get into your to-do list. Deciding on a time of year narrows down possible dates, and also helps determine whether the wedding will be indoors or outdoors.

Notice Inspiration

Pinterest and bridal magazines are great sources for ideas, but remember that there’s inspiration everywhere. A color you’ve always loved or a favorite accessory can spark your creativity. Seek plenty of inspiration, but be careful not to go overboard collecting photos and color swatches because it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Focus on Formality

Start thinking about what kind of atmosphere you want at your wedding. This is important not only for how you want the day to feel, but what you want your guests to remember as well. Deciding on formality helps narrow down location sites; if you want a formal wedding, then a beach setting is probably not the best choice. Decide how formal or causal you want your wedding to feel, then match the location to your style.

Consider Style

After gathering inspiration and deciding on formality, it’s time to focus on the style of your wedding. The style or theme you pick helps decide the flowers, the reception décor, and more. Choosing a specific theme helps your wedding planner in Napa understand what you want your wedding day to look like. Try to agree on something that’s a compromise of your and your partner’s interests and personal tastes.

Choose Your Colors

With the wedding style more or less defined, the color scheme should follow naturally. If there isn’t a specific color scheme for your style, then picking colors complementary to the season is generally best. Pastels are popular in spring; pops of color work well in summer; orange, burgundy, and browns fit well in fall; and maroon, dark green, gold, and silver shine in winter. Don’t feel like you have to choose just one color though; décor and flowers often look best with several colors coming together in harmony.

Get Into the Details

Invitations, centerpieces, cake, favors, and other details follow, and should reinforce your style. Invitations are particularly important in communicating the mood, style, and formality of your wedding. As the first things your guests see, the invitations should clearly represent your wedding style.

Remember This is Your Wedding

Family members and friends love to give input and advice on all things wedding related. This is wonderful if you need ideas, but try not to let their opinions overwhelm you. You don’t have to like or follow all the suggestions; remember this is your wedding and it should be the way you want it to be.

Showcasing your specific style as a couple is sure to make your day special and unforgettable. Wedding planning is hard work and if you are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a wedding planner in Napa. Their expertise can make planning a lot easier and more enjoyable. With the help of your wedding planner in Sonoma, when your wedding day arrives, it will be a beautiful celebration of love that you can enjoy with your guests.