7 New Wedding Guest Book Ideas

wedding guest book ideas7 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas that Brides will Love

Long after your honeymoon and first-year anniversary, you will want to have many memories of this monumental event. Wedding pictures and videos are great, but your guest book captures something that photos cannot… written words. Do not go with the traditional wedding book. Instead, ask the wedding planner to incorporate one of these unique and exciting wedding guest book ideas. These unconventional themes, unlike a traditional guest book, are less likely to be stored in the back of the closet, or in a box with unused wedding invitations.

A Sweet Dictionary

Have you ever wondered what word your family, friends, and co-workers would use to describe you and your significant other? With the dictionary-style wedding guest book, you no longer have to wonder. Have the guests sign this dictionary next to the word that they feel describes you and your spouse perfectly. Be sure to customize the outside of the dictionary to make it more personable and chic.

Advice Coasters

You can step away from the book tradition altogether and use these coasters as an alternative. Cover your wedding table with the advice coasters that guests can fill out, complete with some tips and a short message. After all, it is never too soon to receive some great advice!

Snail Mail

The wedding planning in Sonoma County is over, and the honeymoon has come to a bittersweet end. However, your wedding guests can still send you something to remember the special day with, long after it has passed. Have your guests drop a few lines and well wishes on a postcard for you and your spouse to read later. Your wedding coordinator will help you choose the best postcards that highlight places you and your husband have traveled to, first met, went on dates, or even the location and venue where the proposal took place. Your guests will drop the pre-stamped postcards in the mail, and you can receive them after your wedding.

Holiday Bulbs

If you are having a small, intimate wedding, these are great ideas to use for the guest book. Purchase shatterproof ball ornaments in colors that complement the wedding theme and décor. Using paint markers and Sharpies, wedding guests can sign the bulbs that will take up permanent residence on your Christmas tree year after year!

Custom Puzzle

Using a great photo of you and your spouse-to-be, make a puzzle out of your wedding guest signatures and well-wishes. Your photo will be complete on one side, but the other pieces of the puzzle will be blank. This is what your guests will pick up and write on using a marker. You and your wife can put the pieces of the puzzle together after the wedding, and enjoy reading all of the messages from your guests.

Vintage Atlas

If you enjoy reading or love vintage items, you will truly appreciate this wedding guest book idea. Using a vintage atlas, your wedding guests can sign the book and highlight the cities or towns that they have traveled to your wedding from. If they have any tips on places to visit, they can also write a little note next to those destinations.

Autographed Vinyl Albums

If you and your husband-to-be are all about music, ask your wedding planner to incorporate that into the guest book. Visit local community sales, or scour the internet in search of vinyl albums that you two love. Do not use the favorites you have in the home; your wedding guests will be signing these albums. Underneath a modern piece of art will sit a small stereo display of the vinyl albums. Set out colorful markers that wedding guests can use to autograph the albums.

Weddings come and go, but the memories of your special day will live on forever through your photos, videos, and of course the wedding guest book. Wedding planning in Sonoma County can be great, as long as you stay positive, keep an open mind, have fun, and choose an excellent wedding coordinator! (shameless plug).