Avoid Apparel Malfunctions With These 7 Tips for Engagement Photos

Tips for Engagement PhotosTips For Engagement Photos

Have you ever had an apparel malfunction? Especially last minute? Sometimes Murphy’s Law goes into effect and what can go wrong…does.  That's why these tips for engagement photos will save you some photoshoot grief.

You’ve worked so hard at planning your wedding and the day is almost here. While it’s not the Big day, it is an important day.

When the day comes, you’ll want these tips for engagement photos.

You want everything perfect but suddenly you have an apparel malfunction. What do you do?

Hopefully you are reading this before your engagement photos so you will know just what to do (and have on hand) to save the day.

Avoid Apparel Malfunctions With These Tips For Engagement Photos

  1. If you are wearing a dress or skirt, make sure you hands smooth the front to keep the wind from blowing your skirt up at the wrong time. Stay calm and place your hands strategically to keep your skirt from showing too much. Think Kate Middleton grace.
  1. You may be a little nervous or a little hot. Avoid underarm disasters by being prepared. If you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt, buy garment shields and place in the armpit area to avoid sweat spots.

    you are wearing a sleeveless number, make sure you carry a deodorant sponge to remove the telltale white rings your freshly deodorized underarms may leave on your clothes.

  1. Exposed bra straps. Sometimes your bra straps play peekaboo when they shouldn’t. Instead of having your photographer Photoshop them out, wear a bra with invisible straps and buy a bra converter if you are wearing a low back shirt or dress.
  1. Stain remover. It happens to the best of us and usually at the worst time. You may need to grab a bite to eat before or during the shoot. In case of spills, make sure you have your Tide To Go pen with you to quickly clean any spills.
  1. If you are wearing dark colors, make sure you have a lint roller, especially if you a furry baby at home. This will also come in handy if your hair sheds a lot or if your photo shoot is outside in nature.
  1. If you are wearing something low cut and are well endowed, make sure you have magic stylist tape to keep the girls from spilling out as you bend, twirl and move for your photo shoot.
  1. Consider a slip. While you might think it’s Grandma’s style. It will help keep you classy looking just in case the light happens to be shining from behind you. A slip should be essential piece to pair with a dress.Match the slip to the color of your dress or you can opt for a nude color one.

Follow these easy 7 tips to avoid apparel malfunctions.  If you liked these tips, imagine what we have in store for you when you work with us to plan your wedding.  Click here to book a consultation.


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