8 Awesome Tips to Feature the Colors of Autumn in Your Engagement Photos

fall-bride-and-groomCongrats! The big question was asked this beautiful summer, and now your thoughts are moving on to autumn engagement photos. Here we are providing some tips to get utterly awesome shots of you and your betrothed in all the fall glory in Sonoma and Napa counties.

Autumn Engagement Photo Props

1. Leaves. Leaves make excellent props and can show a more playful side of you as a couple.

Why not rake up a pile and jump in together? Or simply toss a few in the air or even at each other. And what could be a better backdrop for a shot of your new engagement ring?

2. Foliage. This is almost a given, but fall in Sonoma and Napa bring a glorious assortment of colors. It's a no-brainer, actually - just find a spot with a boatload of trees in transition and you're set!

Engagement Photo Romance

3. Blankets. Fall brings with it cooler temperatures, so why not use it as a reason to snuggle with your finance? Bring a blanket with you to your photo shoot and wrap around both of you for an Autumn-themed shot.

4. Fire. This time of year inspires warm campfires. If your photographer has skills in working with low-light environments (ask!), he or she can wizard up some amazing images of you and your betrothed and the warm flames. Not up for a full campfire? Try candlelight - it's another romantic option.

5. Water There is no shortage of lakes and beaches in our little section of paradise, so why not get a few breathtaking shots on the water? Many of our lakes are surrounded by trees changing colors, and the combination of water and trees makes a fantastic backdrop for engagement photos.

Engagement Photos Scenery

6. Pumpkins. What says fall better than a plump pumpkin? There are a lot of photogenic pumpkins patches in Sonoma and Napa counties, so just pick one and get some great shots. Even better, take a series of shots of you carving and painting your wedding date on a pumpkin. Tip - these shots can also serve double duty as your Save the Date pic.

7. Boots. Finally! You have a fabulous reason to pull out those adorable boots you bought a few summers ago. Pull on your favorite pair of jeans and pair a warm sweater - and make sure you pose in a way to show them off!

8. Vineyards. Autumn is the season of the crush time in the wineries. Reflect this in your engagement photos by taking them in a winery or recently harvested vineyard. Make certain your photographer knows how to play around with the lighting to make it truly romantic!

Share your thoughts on fall engagement photos ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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