8 Fun Flower Ideas for Your Summer Wedding


Summer abounds with lush floral beauty as the summer solstice sees more flowers in bloom than any other day of the year. Brides planning weddings in June, July, or August are fortunate to have a variety of affordable, fragrant flowers available. Beautiful flowers in bloom offer additional benefits for outdoor garden weddings, where they are likely to create a stunning background for your special day. The sheer number and variety of flowers available during the summer sometimes makes choosing flowers for your wedding seem overwhelming, so here are eight popular options that look beautiful and are sure to be a hit.


All the rage, succulents work great in all kinds of wedding flower arrangements, from bouquets to centerpieces and more. Available in a range of colors, sizes, and textures, they are ideal for mixing and matching, both with other succulents or with flowers, fruit, or candles. Large, fluffy blooms provide textural contrast to soften their effect, but a mix of succulents on their own can be equally stunning.


Bright and cheerful, zinnias are easy to grow from seed and make a bold statement. These sturdy flowers are an excellent choice for summer weddings because they can withstand summer heat. They are popular not only for bouquets and table arrangements, but also for cake décor or anywhere you want a bright pop of color.


Available in a range of sizes and colors, peonies are a popular fan favorite. Ranging from soft white and creams to vivid pink flowers with a variety of shades between, it’s easy to find something that fits well with your wedding style. Peonies are a great way to incorporate the popular blush color into your wedding.


Wide blooms ranging from delicate to striking make dahlias a favorite choice among brides; they are often thought to represent a lasting bond and commitment. Choosing a type and color that represents your personality lets you put your own spin on this popular flower trend.

Calla Lily

Classic wedding flowers, calla lilies never fail to create a beautiful effect. In addition to white, calla lilies can be a number of sensational colors, including purple, orange, yellow, and pink. Mix and match colors for a stunning effect or choose one color to create a simple, elegant bouquet.


Small petals and a soft touch offer a neutral statement that is nevertheless beautiful. Hydrangeas are typically available in shades of pink, purple, blue, green, cream, and white. The large flower clusters provide volume and mass with just a few stems, and their light fragrance makes them an ideal cake topper.


Delicate flowers produce an amazing fragrance making freesia a favorite option for brides who want their flowers to look and smell great. The fragrance is strong without being heady, so it’s ideal for summer weddings where the venue is likely to be hot. Although the flowers are delicate, the stems are sturdy so freesia are easy to work with and look great in bouquets, centerpieces, and more.


The distinctive scent and delicate flowers make lavender a lovely choice for a summer wedding. It is a great way to add texture and fragrance to an arrangement, or can be used on its own to create a simple, summertime bouquet. Not only is lavender great for flower arrangements, but it also makes a good choice for the flower girl’s basket and can be used to create sachets as wedding favors. Dry the flowers from your bouquet to create a special keepsake sachet after the wedding.

Summer weddings are a wonderful time to take advantage of the lovely variety of flowers available to create beautiful arrangements. Planning your summer wedding can be stressful, so reduce your stress by working with a professional wedding planner. Not only can they help you choose the right flowers to complement your wedding style and produce a stunning effect, but they can also help you with the many other aspects of planning that combine to make your day special and unique. From venues to caterers and dresses to décor, your wedding planner lightens the responsibilities of wedding planning so that you can be as carefree as a guest at your own wedding.