9 Summer Wedding Trends for 2017

Summer is upon us, and it's a very good time to be a bride! Whether you're having a traditional church ceremony or a sunlit exchange of vows in front of the ocean, here are just a few trends for summertime weddings that you might want to run by your wedding planner.

1. Short-Cut Wedding Dresses

It's hot outside. You can do away with the long, formal gowns that lead to sweltering in the sun! Think about light and breathable fabrics with a hem that stops around or above the knee. This kind of fresh, youthful dress will make you feel like you've turned back the clock even as you're walking down the aisle towards your future.

2. Refreshing Drinks

Heavy champagnes will curdle your stomach in the heat. Instead, opt for light, energizing drinks like sweet iced tea and lemonade served with sprigs of mint. If you are serving alcohol, think about fun, fruity cocktails like banana daiquiris and raspberry cosmopolitans. Make sure to have plenty of chilled glasses and frosty flutes to serve everything at the right temperature.

3. Bold Colors

Spring is the time for delicate corals and peaches. Summer is the time for passionate reds, sizzling oranges, and royal purples! Don't be afraid to add dramatic splashes of color to your centerpieces and seating arrangements. If you're worried about maintaining tradition, ask your wedding coordinator about using bold hues as accent notes for your mostly-white decorations.

4. Natural Light

You'll have plenty of daylight during a summer wedding, especially if you live somewhere like northern California with its 15-hour solar cycles. Take advantage of this bright and happy sunshine by hosting your revels outdoors under the cool shade of a pavilion. If you're unable or unwilling to go outside, then try throwing open windows and bathe your reception hall in a golden glow.

5. Underwater Flowers

These have become a hot choice for summertime weddings (no pun intended!) because they're both stylish and convenient. While other flowers might wilt in the heat, marine plants will remain beautiful and ethereal in their aqua cocoons, especially if you showcase them in clear vases and bowls. Look into species like Mokara orchids and cherry blossom branches.

6. Upbeat Music

It isn't a summer wedding until there's dancing in the sunshine, so make sure that your wedding coordinator has the number of a good DJ. While you might want to throw in a waltz or two for the expected slow dances, the majority of your playlist should reflect the vitality of the season. You might even choreograph a group dance to something fun if you feel like giving your guests a wedding experience to remember!

7. Tart Wedding Cakes

There's something about sharp, fruity flavors that embodies the spirit of summer, so think about sucking in your cheeks while planning your summertime wedding cake. Maybe you'd like a vanilla fondant topping with hints of key lime. Perhaps you'd prefer a tangy, citrusy filling between moist layers of shortcake. The choice is yours, so go nuts!

8. Food Carts

Speaking of food, it's becoming increasingly common for wedding planners to suggest a food cart instead of a traditional table spread. Not only will it give your reception a certain charm, but it will also keep your friends and family from making a mess everywhere with the usual self-serve. A shorter cleanup means one less thing to worry about before taking your honeymoon!

9. Hair Accessories

Up-dos are popular during any time of year, but they're especially trendy during the summer months. Who wants to be a blushing bride with a sweaty neck? The good news is that the right selection of accessories can turn any hairstyle into a remarkable one, especially if you make them complement or even incorporate your veil.

These are just a few of the hottest trends for summertime weddings in 2017. It doesn't matter if you're walking down the aisle of a New York courthouse or a gorgeous vineyard in northern California; the most important thing is that you talk to your wedding planner about making the most of the season. Only then can you enjoy a summer wedding that you'll remember for the rest of your life!