9 Ways to Treat Your Guests and Wedding Partner

For bride and groom alike, your wedding day will be one of those singular “big days” in your life that you never forget.

However, for your attendants, wedding planner and loved ones, often your wedding day will simply be bookmarked as one of the most expensive days in their life. After all, there are the dresses and the tuxes, the travel for wedding planning in Sonoma County and the lodging, presents and parties, none of which typically comes inexpensively.

But they love you, and so they do whatever it takes to be there to support you on your most special of special days. And now you want to do something for them in return that will say THANK YOU in a way that mere words never could.

In this post, learn about 9 great ideas to treat your guests, wedding partner, wedding coordinator and attendants like the princes and princesses that they are in your life.

Idea 1: Whatever you choose, get it personalized.

Whether you choose socks or silk robes, having the items personalized for each recipient can make the difference between a generic gift quickly forgotten and a cherished keepsake treasured by your wedding coordinator and wedding party.

Idea 2: Consider experiences instead of things.

Scuba diving, windsurfing, jet skiing or zip lining are all on someone’s bucket list somewhere. By gifting your loved ones with experiences, they will add more treasured wedding memories to their life list.

Idea 3: Splitting the bill.

Being a part of the wedding party is not always experienced evenly by attendants. By splitting the costs, gifting some components (like attire) or comping hotel rooms, you can make being by your side easier and more fun for your wedding party.

Idea 4: Handmade items.

If you or your partner-to-be is crafty, you may consider making the gifts you give your attendants and house party. Scented candles and soaps, photo collages of your special moments together, custom jewelry or cuff links, delicious edibles and even home-brewed beer can make amazing, memorable gifts.

Idea 5: Wonderful wearables.

The night of (and the day after), your attendants and loved ones will likely be feeling it as much (or more than) you. This is the perfect time to curl up in something fluffy, soft and comfy. Slippers, a monogrammed robe, some comfy jammies - all are sure to be appreciated by your exhausted inner circle.

Idea 6: Techie tools.

Today, so much of daily life is all about tech. From music playlist subscription services to Bluetooth gadgets and gear, there is always something new and cool on the tech horizon that your wedding party will likely just love and really use.

Idea 7: Winery outing.

If you happen to know that your wedding planner or those in your wedding party are wine enthusiasts and you are doing your wedding planning in Sonoma county, then consider planning a winery outing for your party.

Idea 8: Tickets.

Maybe you met your now-besties through some shared activity you all love. Here, offering tickets to everyone can not only be a great way to say “thanks!” but can also get the whole gang back together for more fun times.

Idea 9: A big “thank you!” bash.

If you are drawing a blank as far as getting gifts that will suit a particularly diverse wedding party and everyone is local, consider instead hosting a huge post-honeymoon bash with all drinks and edibles on you.