Today, more than ever, people are busy. Sure, technology was supposed to save time, but hey - let's face it - it can be more of a time drain than anything else in our lives. So what could be better than getting advanced notice of someone's wedding? With our inboxes and calendars bursting at the seams, it should be handy.

We dug deep into our wedding experience and are sharing some of the best save the date ideas we have run across:

Keep it light and funny.

Last year we had a bride and groom who dressed up in striped prison attire and had mugshots taken for their save the date card. The caption read "Police Dept. | Save the Date | Wedding Date." At the bottom, they printed they both were getting life sentences. Cute!

Another one of our couples had their save the date cards cut into puzzle pieces. Recipients had to solve the puzzle to get the date. Another couple included scratch-off tickets where their guests had to uncover their wedding date with the edge of a coin.

There have been cute ideas, like when one couple took photos of themselves from when they were children and wrote "These kids are getting married" on their card. Still another idea is to create a chalk scene on the ground with all the details and take a photo from above.

There have also been some very creative ideas, like the couple who made a homemade video shared it with their guest list on youtube. This not only saved on the stationary cost but also save a few trees in the process!

Or why not just make it practical? One of our couples asked in their save the date card for invitees to "pencil it in" and included a small pencil with their mailing. Another idea is to create your save the date information on a fridge magnet.

How about adding a romantic note to your save the date card? We recently ran across one that read “Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom/Booze, Food & Bad Dance Moves/You In or What?” Another card was less humorous but just as poetic. "“The time has come to say ‘I Do,” and soon we’ll be inviting you.”

Remember, no matter what style you choose for your save the date card, send it out five to six months ahead of your wedding. And finally, find a way to shed the stress and enjoy your save the date adventure!