Add Some Spice to Your Relationship By Breaking Your Routines

Breaking Your Routines

Breaking Your Routines For Added Spice

Sure, almost everyone has a daily routine - routines simplify our life and can give us much-needed structure. But let’s face it - routines can sometimes cause problems, too. For example, when a routine gets in the way of a relationship, problems can start.  No couple is immune.

The good news is that there are several life hacks you can use to break the often mind-numbing routine of your daily grind. They all take effort but the result is that each day will be brighter and fresher than the last.

Breaking Your Routines Step 1: Try turning off the auto-pilot and turn on your awareness. Identify your routine - the benefits and the problems. Real change happens when you turn off your autopilot and allow your awareness to blossom. Start, for example, by making a list of your routines - from morning to evening - and comparing it with your partner.

Are you the one that makes the bed? Who gets the kids to school? You’ll be absolutely amazed at how many daily routines you have fallen into. Recognizing and identifying these patterns is crucial to stepping up your game.

Breaking Your Routines Step 2: Take time each day to dream and discuss it with your partner. Sure, most of us dream of warm sandy beaches somewhere when we want to escape our daily grind - for good reason! But, alas, your real life responsibilities are here to stay. So dream, but dream realistically.

What are the two or three main components of your routine you want out of? Discuss this with your partner early and often.

Perhaps you want a break from the laundry or maybe your partner wants a vacation from cooking dinner each evening. Communication, as always, is key. You’ll find that discussing your routines and your frustrations will allow you and your partner to add some spark to your lives.

Breaking Your Routines Step 3: Get over the small things. The truly amazing thing about adding some fire to your daily grind doesn’t take a boatload of effort - all you have to do is spin it around and make it into something else.

For instance, try switching a few of your routines with your partner for a month or two - you may find you both get what you want. You’ll get your break from the monotony and your partner will as well. It’s a great way to keep things fresh every day.

Breaking Your Routines Step 4: Make a plan to stop planning every once in a while. Yes, routines give us structure and comfort, but sometimes you have to let it go and cut loose altogether. So pick a day where you throw routines out the window - no errands, schedules, or chores - just roll with the day together.

Have a picnic in the backyard or maybe breakfast in bed. In the end, letting go of your routine once in a while is the best way to reset your life.

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