Affordable but excellent bridal shower ideas you're gonna love!

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We all know a bit of creativity can amp up any occasion. But adding a small dash of fun into your bridal shower will make it absolutely memorable for your guests.

But don't worry - I hear you! The wedding and reception are going to cost a small fortune, and your wallet needs a break. I get it. That's why these ideas are on the cheap and won't burst your bank account!

Fun and Affordable Bridal Shower Ideas to Consider

Host at Home

If your bank account is bursting at the seams and you don't worry about venue fees, by all means - find the best site and leave the details to the staff. On the other hand, the fabulous thing about hosting at your or someone else's home is the total lack of venue fees.

In sunny Sonoma and Napa counties, you most likely have the option to host your party inside or out. Of course, the party is even better if the backyard has a pool or garden, right? If you just don't want to host at home, try looking at church meeting rooms, community centers, or parks.

Try Some Social Cooking

Catering your bridal shower can get expensive, especially when you are home and it's so quick and easy to whip up some small plate culinary masterpieces.

An affordable way to stage your party is to theme it as a cocktail party with a few tasty appetizers. Why not just put together a bar cart and provide a half dozen finger foods? Or invite your friends to help make a small batch of mini sandwiches? The process will go faster and is sure to be a social hit. Or just go with the flow and potluck the party.

Skip the Stationery

Save a tree or two by skipping the beautiful paper and matching envelopes. Sending digital invitations is no longer viewed as geeky - in fact, most people prefer it now, according to a recent survey by Still, there are a few throwbacks in every group at don't use email and texts, so just give them a call.




Shop Your Closet

Sure, shopping for your perfect bridal shower with your BFFs can be boatloads of fun, but it can also get very expensive quickly.

If you or your wedding planner has allocated a budget for bridal shower decorations, stick to it. And don't be afraid to shop online - you can save a ton on, for example.

If you want to get creative, try borrowing unique items from your family and friends. Send out a message on Facebook or Twitter and see what comes back. People love to help to help create a bridle party!

Favorable Favors

Sure, favors are expected at most bridal showers, but you don't need to splurge to create memorable favors. Once again, is a great source for inspirations, but also check our Bridal Shower Co for bulk prices and personalization options. Or go for the edible option and hand out candy bags or even homemade cookies.

In the end, it's pretty clear that you can throw an awesome bridal shower on a budget. Remember, your guests will be more impressed with your creative touches than anything you could buy in a store.