Should You Allow Children to Attend Your Wedding?

Prepare to laugh, cry, and perhaps escape occasionally; wedding planning is an exciting time. Your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, and be a beautiful representation of your love and commitment. One decision facing couples during planning is whether to have a child-free wedding. For some the answer is easy, but for others it’s more complicated. If you want a truly grown up affair, accomplishing that without offending friends and family can sometimes be tricky. 

The Dilemma

Imagine that you’ve asked your best friend to be your matron of honor, but she has a 4-month-old baby. She’s unlikely to leave her child at home, particularly if she lives out of town or even out of state. She comes to your wedding with her baby, but can’t be part of all the festivities. The rest of your bridesmaids have to take her place helping you into your dress, and she misses half the reception trying to put her baby to bed. Barely showing up in time for her matron of honor speech, she shares how much you mean to her. As you look into her tired eyes, you realize that today has been a real challenge for her, but she did it all for you.

You want your best friend to feel comfortable and enjoy herself at your wedding; after all, she is a huge part of the day. She is honored to be there and wants to fulfill her responsibilities to help make the day wonderful for you, including the usual matron of honor responsibilities like helping you into your dress, looking great in photos, and delivering a killer toast without scrambling to do so. Thankfully, there is a way to accomplish both those things, and you may be able to get a few great pics of adorable kids at your wedding too.

The Solution

There’s a great way to have an adults only wedding where you and your guests can relax and enjoy every moment, while any kids have a fun and safe time. Hiring professional wedding childcare could be the answer. Consider this service when looking for wedding vendors, particularly if there are a number of parents with small children on your guest list. A professional childcare agency can be a dream come true at a wedding. Nannies can come to the rescue with age appropriate toys to keep the little ones entertained all night. The parents are likely to enjoy your wedding almost as much as you do. 

A professional childcare agency that comes to your venue and separately entertains the children while the party goes on allows you to have a whine-free, sophisticated function. It also helps the parents out by providing a convenient and safe place for their little ones close by. Instead of potentially hurting relationships with family and friends, you can provide a welcoming place for all ages at your wedding. This is also an ideal solution if you want to have an adults only wedding, but still have a flower girl and ring bearer. They can walk down the aisle, and even participate in the beginning of the reception, but then go with the nannies to play when they start to get bored.

Finding a Service

Investigate nanny services in your area that can provide safe childcare for your guests. Here are some questions to ask potential agencies:

  • Do the nannies have experience?
  • Have the nannies been background checked?
  • Are the nannies CPR certified?
  • Is the company reputable? Do they have a website? Reviews?
  • Is the company associated with other vendors?

Wedding planning is complicated, but considering a professional childcare service can help solve the dilemma of how to have an adults only wedding without offending friends and family. As you work through this and many other decisions, consider hiring a wedding planner in Napa. They cut the stress of planning and help you make the wedding of your dreams a reality. Your wedding planner in Napa helps you create a beautiful and special wedding day, where you can enjoy every moment and be as carefree as the rest of your adult guests.