Ask Lura: How Do I Keep My Wedding Dress Stain-Free on My Big Day?

Bride getting ready with help from bridesmaids (B&W)  

If you may have noticed already, wearing a full head-to-toe white wedding is .... exhilarating and challenging. Still, you chose your gown, and now you will have live in it for a few hours. In this article, we will tap Lura Albee's years of wedding planning and coordinating experience to find the best ways to keep your wedding dress fresh and stain-free on your big day.

Be cautious with the food

You may not have thought about it much, but you will get hungry on your wedding day. Eating in a formal white wedding dress is tricky enough with the nightmares of messy food like salad dressing and guacamole. Power tip: Stick with dry finger foods and avoid red wine.

Use hem spray

On the day before your wedding day, break out the fabric protector spray. Carefully spray the hem with enough to cover evenly. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, there are dry cleaners in Napa and Sonoma we work with and are happy to make a recommendation.

Wear an oh-so-cute underskirt

Let's face it; you will be moving and grooving in your wedding gown on your big day. Power tip #2: a petticoat under your dress will lift your dress ever so slightly off the ground. This is particularly important for outdoor weddings here in Napa and Sonoma, where mud, dust, and grass stains are way too common.

Just ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask your bridesmaids for help - after all, that's why they are there, right? They might help you carry your train or just hold up the bottom of your gown when needed.

Stain remover

Let's face it - you will need to accept that stains will probably happen no matter how careful you are. Arm yourself with cleaning cloths, sprays, and sprays and feel fantastic that you are prepared for the worst.

Ask your guests for their cooperation

It's pretty clear that almost anyone in your bridal party can cause stains on your precious dress. This is particularly the case when you are together posing for photographs. Ask your bridal party and guests to put down their napkins and wine glasses before you pose.

Be on guard for possible dangers

All of the local wedding dress vendors here in Napa and Sonoma counties will go to great lengths to caution their brides about grass, winery grapes, concrete, and asphalt. In the end, you can never be too careful.

We tell all of our brides to be careful about stains but not so much that it spoils the spirit of the day. Remember to have fun and enjoy the elegance of your dress, even if it means a trip to the dry cleaners afterward.