10 Amazing Autumn Inspired Wedding Dessert Ideas

Autumn Inspired Wedding Dessert Ideas

10 Amazing Autumn Inspired Wedding Dessert Ideas

Are you looking for something a little more unique than traditional? Adding unique autumn inspired wedding dessert ideas will be a classy touch your guest won’t expect. But will appreciate!

What flavors say autumn to you? If you said pumpkin flavor, you are definitely not alone.

Autumn Inspired Wedding Dessert Ideas

Most people know that autumn is here by the appearance of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Know that some of your guests will be pumpkin crazy and some will take a pass and want something more unique.

This is where I can rub my hands together and get really original with you in planning your autumn wedding. The finest details count in making your wedding a complete success.

10 Autumn Inspired Wedding Dessert Ideas

1.  You can still have a wedding cake with autumn inspired flavors. A move into the cooler weather brings richer, spicier flavors. Think dark chocolates and spicy gingerbreads.

2.  Mini pies on tiered plates. Apple, pecan, chocolate chai, and pumpkin all say autumn!

3.  Dark chocolate cupcakes and gingerbread cupcakes will be a sure hit with children and adults alike.

4.  Have a buffet of serve-your-own hard cider and cider in crystal wine glasses. Make sure you have sugar coated apple cider donuts near by.

5.  Carmel apple pie pops. These are small apple pies on a stick. They are easy to eat without making a mess.

6.  How about a mini smores bar? These will bring out the kid in everyone.

7.  Caramel apples. Full caramel apples are a bit messy but sliced apples coated in caramel and chocolate on a stick make eating these mess free.

8.  Red velvet parfaits in glass shot glasses. These are colorful, fun and will add a hint of elegance. Who can say no to whipped cream?

9.  How about a donut wall? Line a wall with rustic wooden shelves and fill them with the greatest autumn donuts every known. You can have a basic light donut with different autumn colored frostings. Or go even fancier and go for gold glitter donuts!

10.  Pancake Nutella kabobs. Layer a mini pancake, Nutella, a slice of banana, a slice of strawberry, more Nutella and another mini pancake. Keep going until the kabob stick is full. These are great for an early day wedding.

If you're ready to start planning your inspired wedding, I'm ready to help.  Click here to book a no obligation consultation with me.

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