Awesome Bridal Shower Ideas You're Gonna Love!

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Awesome bridal shower ideas

Sometimes the thought of the common bridal shower themes, like lingerie or bar hopping, are not that exciting, right? Weddings and couples are all unique so you probably want something that is extraordinary. This post is all about awesome bridal shower ideas to help you plan the best shower ever.

No toilet paper dresses for your bridal shower.

Awesome bridal shower ideas and etiquette

At one time the bridal shower was left up to the maid of honor. Now, anyone can plan the shower. Sometimes it even takes a group effort!

It is sometimes best to ask the bride to be what she wants. She may want something very different than you expect. Tell her that she just has to wait to be surprised and tell her that you are just looking for ideas and her thoughts.

Get 3 ideas from her so you have a well-rounded idea of what she would like and where she would like to have her bridal shower.

Who pays for the bridal shower?

The rule of thumb is that whoever plans it pays. However, feel free to talk with the rest of the girls about dividing up the cost so the full expense is not on you.

Do not be mad if someone doesn’t want to chip it. It is the nature of things. Just concentrate on having a good time and not creating a divide the bride will have to deal with.

Awesome bridal shower ideas

1. Have a couple’s bridal shower that includes the guys too. Create a menu of fresh farm to table foods. Chop, cut and mix together. Don’t forget to turn the grill on and serve up some shrimp, chicken and steak.

2. If you opt for a co-ed bridal shower, think of having an elegant game of croquet. Croquet is a fun trend that never goes out of style. Keep everyone laughing and entertained at the bridal shower.

3. Plan a spa day shower. Many spas will cater to a bridal group. Have mani-pedis, massages, steams, and even your hair styled together. Don’t forget a fun run to your favorite restaurant after you are feeling relaxed and chill.

4. Thank you notes. While these usually match wedding stationary, they don’t have to. Sometimes guests appreciate something custom made a little more. Grab a bunch of your favorite girls and craft custom thank you notes.

Get out the blank cards, paint, colored pencils, glue glitter, stickers, and ribbon. Turn your table into an art studio and turn your bridal party…into a creative group.

Don’t forget the pitchers of white fruit sangria and your favorite music.

5. Wine, cheese and your besties! Visit a local winery for a wine tour, education, plenty of samples and finger foods. Make sure you call ahead so the winery can arrange something special for your group.

Set up fondue tables. Create a cheese mixed with a dry white wine. Recipe here. Have day old bread, various meats, and even vegetables and apple slices to dip in your fondue.

Move to the dessert table, which can be more fondue but with chocolate instead of choose. Or consider putting together tapas type desserts of various kinds. This gives small bites without overdoing the carbs and calories.

Stick through this video. We don’t know him so we can't endorse him but we felt that he offered some good tips on planning your bridal shower. As always, contact me for any questions you may have.


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