How To Amp Up Your Wedding Invitations


Yeah, it's pretty clear; your invitations craft the first impression of your wedding. So why not unleash a little of your creativity and share your mood and feelings with your guests?

Picking the right words to describe your wedding theme and venue visually is - well, hard (unless you are an English major). For the rest of us, the first step is to create a list of words that convey and reflect the experience you want to craft with your wedding. For example, if you are having a popular rustic-chic themed wedding, don't use formal wording in your invitation. The key is consistency.

Still not sure where to start? In this article, we will explore some insight that comes with years of wedding planning experience.

The Basics

No matter what design and wording you choose, there are several required items: your wedding date, your names, the ceremony time and date, and the location. Start with these basics and build your wording. Note - if you are having your reception at the same venue as your wedding, you can add "Reception to Follow." If on the other hand, your reception is somewhere else, you can include that information on a separate reception invitation.

If we have built your wedding website, or you have created one yourself, it's best to include the website address on your invitation.

The Ongoing Plus One Debate

In our experience, you don't have to provide a plus one to everyone on your guest list. That being said, it has to be very clear who is invited. This can be accomplished by including the name(s) of each person who is invited on the envelope and somewhere on the invitation.

For example, you might want to invite a college friend and her boyfriend. In this scenario, you would include both names on the envelope. On the other hand, if you're inviting a cousin and want to allow them to have a plus one, you would include "and a guest" to your invitation. If you are inviting a grandparent with no plus one, you would just address the envelope to him or her.

But What’s Trending?

In our experience, we have noticed a shift in recent years (in Napa and Sonoma) from formal styles to a more playful and fun theme. For example, almost no one uses "You are cordially invited" anymore. More than ever, couples are using everyday language and even modern slang to create an invitation experience for their guests. Not only is this more fun, but it also provides an insight into your personality as a couple. Don't be afraid to make your invitation fun, witty, or playful - write whatever feels right.

In the end, the way every piece of your invitation is worded should reflect the mood, personality, and mood of you and your fiancé’s Big Day.