Beyond the Bouquet Toss In Northern California

Wedding traditions often have long and somewhat strange histories, and the bouquet toss is no exception. Many couples today are turning away from tradition to create a special wedding day that has personal meaning. Including some traditions that are meaningful to you and incorporating new elements that reflect your style and relationship is a great way to make your wedding day unique. Let’s take a closer look at the bouquet toss tradition and some fun alternative approaches.

History of the Bouquet Toss

Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that started in the 14th century. The bride’s attire was thought to be lucky and guests were eager to claim a piece as a bit of good fortune. The bouquet was a frequent target of overeager guests who would rush at the bride in an attempt to grab it, so brides started throwing the bouquet to the crowd in order to protect themselves. Now, the bouquet toss is seen as a symbol of generosity as the bride shares her bounty of love and casts off her ties to single life. Of course, the one who catches the bouquet is supposed to marry next.

The decision to toss or not is up to you. Some brides are excited about tossing their bouquet, but if you would prefer to skip that tradition, there are alternative ways to share your good fortune.

Present the Bouquet

Instead of tossing your bouquet to a crowd of single ladies, consider presenting it to someone, either publicly or privately. This could be a special friend or relative who has made an impact in your life. If you know which of your friends are getting married next, then giving your bouquet to the engaged couple is also a fun option.

Throw a Breakaway Bouquet

A breakaway bouquet is made to separate when it’s thrown, turning into a number of small bouquets or individual flowers. This gives everyone a chance to take home part of the bouquet and creates a beautiful shower of flowers.

Have an Anniversary Dance

Shift the attention to couples by inviting them to join the bride and groom for a couple’s dance. As the dance progresses, the DJ asks couples to continue dancing if they have been together for five years, then ten years, fifteen years, and so on until only one couple remains. Present the bouquet to the couple who has been together the longest.

Perform a Flower Ceremony

For small weddings, consider inviting your friends to the dance floor, then presenting each of them with a flower from the bouquet. Share a memory, something you like about them, or thank them for coming as you hand them the flower.

Remember Lost Loved Ones

If you would like to honor lost loved ones at your wedding, including the bouquet is a wonderful option. Have a picture or sign with the names of deceased friends and family with a special vase where you can place your bouquet after the ceremony.

Toss Something Unique

Themed weddings are a great way to turn the bouquet toss into a fun event. Instead of throwing your bouquet, toss something related to your wedding theme. For example, paper or plastic snowflakes are fun at a winter wonderland themed wedding. And don’t limit the toss to single ladies; get everyone in on the action.

Divide the Bouquet

Split the bouquet into several smaller bouquets to present to special women in your life, such as your mother and mother-in-law, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, or other women who have made an impact on your life. This gives you the opportunity to honor them at your wedding.

Alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss are a way to create a special moment at your wedding and range from lighthearted to meaningful. Whether you decide to stick with the traditional toss or choose something different, your wedding day is sure to be a wonderful time to celebrate your love. With so many traditions to consider and all the details of a wedding, the planning is stressful and can be overwhelming. Consider working with a wedding coordinator who relieves the stress of wedding planning and makes you feel like a guest at your own wedding.