7 Utterly Useful Tips for Eliminating Your Bridal Dress Stress

0179 © 2016 Bowerbird Photography-1Let's face it - perusing Pinterest and your local dream wedding bridal shows to help choose the style of your wedding dress are super-exciting. But it's also true that going to fittings and watching your dress being altered can be a bit nerve-wracking.

It's the case of Bridal Dress Stress!

At Extraordinary Weddings, we feel your concerns! To that end, we are sharing some of our wedding dress experience in the Napa and Sonoma counties over the last few years to put your mind at ease.

1. To avoid bridal dress stress, Don't go by yourself!

Sure, a lot of people probably went with you when you went gown shopping, but attending your fitting won't require more than one or two close friends or relatives.

The important thing is that you pick people whose judgment and taste you trust. This may include your wine country wedding planner - remember, they often plan dozens of wedding each year and are up to speed with recent fashion trends.

The trick for you is to sift through their opinions and decide which are personal views and which are genuinely good ideas. Finally, you need to trust your fitting expert's experience and just be happy you are one step closer to your new life. Don't forget to bring your wedding shoes and bridal undergarments.

2. What you want is what you want

Don't let bridal dress stress take over.

You don't want to cave in and settle for less than what you want.

This sounds simple, but keep in mind you are the only person who knows exactly what you want this gown to look like. Don't be shy! Speak up often and loudly with every concern.

Remember that you know your body better than anyone else, and you have to advise on the components you want to enhance (like making your cleavage look fuller, for example) or conceal.

3. Don’t panicfront2

You will never forget the moment you turn around and look at yourself in the mirror in your treasured gown.

Try to remain calm when you notice it is not a perfect fit - that is why you are having it altered, right? There is most likely a lot of work to be done to capture your vision and expectations, but remember your wedding dress fitter is a pro.

Bridal dress stress has been known to reduce many brides-to-be to utter tears.  Your dress is a work in progress - just wait until you see the final result!

4. Hemline issues

Hemline issues can seem like an endless nuisance. Sure, you want to mingle, dance, and walk down the aisle with tripping. And if you have a gorgeous pair of shoes you want to flaunt, advise your fitter that the hem should gently graze the floor, not sweep it.

6. Prepare for last minute alterations to avoid unnecessary bridal dress stress

Even the best planned and organized weddings create a lot of stress for brides, especially concerning their dress. It is not uncommon for brides to unintentionally lose weight in the time between their final fitting and the big day.

Smart wedding planners will tell their brides to schedule their final fitting 5-7 days before their wedding so the dress will fit like a glove.

7. Keep your cool

No matter how laid back you are, the seemingly endless alterations to your gown can put a little pressure on you. Find your happy place and remain calm by trusting the people you are working with.

Enjoy every moment of your wedding dress journey, and that you are getting married in one of the most beautiful places on earth - Napa and Sonoma counties.  We will help make your entire wedding planning fun and memorable.  Ask us how.

The bra matters when going dress fitting!

You don't have to worry too much about bridal dress stress with us on your team.  We know how to lead you through the experience so you always see the end result!  Book a consultation right now and see what we can offer you!

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