I Am a Bridesmaid! Just How Much Should I Spend on Gifts?

8720869 - valentine or wedding gift I’ve been planning and coordinating weddings in Napa and Sonoma counties long enough to know that the rules of wedding etiquette change constantly. Monitoring the trends can be tricky at best, so what’s a bridesmaid to do when it comes to budgeting for gifts? There are all the pre-wedding events in addition to the wedding gift, and all of these thoughtful gifts can add up fast.

Lura Albee, our chief wedding planner, is here to help us answer the question. Here’s what she had to say:

Let’s face it - being a bridesmaid is an honor. You will have boatloads of fun with the bride, but it can also become stressful and expensive. But don’t worry - there are methods to simplify both challenges.

No matter how much stress you experience, remember to stay focused on your friendship and the honor of being picked to be part of their special day.

No magic dollar amount is appropriate for all wedding gifts. The first step is to create an overall budget that won’t break your bank account.

Next, break that number down between the wedding gift, shower gift, and engagement gift, so you have a working budget for each event.

Take time to consider each gift thoughtfully. What gifts do you want to give? Is there something memorable - but a bit on the pricey side - you have in mind for a particular gift? Some bridesmaids today are opting to put their money in a fabulous shower and ditching the gift altogether.

In the end, there is no correct way to budget for your gifts, since each wedding and bride is unique. Just remember, plan ahead and stay within your budget. One last note - if you are invited to more than one shower, traditional etiquette dictates you only need to bring a gift to one of the events.