Are You a Bridesmaid? This is All You Need To Know.

Let’s face it - if you are having a wedding, bridesmaids play a crucial role. More than just their physical presence at your wedding, they also provide essential emotional support. Whether you have been invited to be a bridesmaid, or are planning your wedding, the honor carries a lot of responsibilities - and a lot of questions. Don’t worry! Our team of wedding experts have years of experience planning and coordinating weddings and have all the answers.

Can’t Afford To Be A Bridesmaid?

There is something all bridesmaids can agree on - becoming a bridesmaid is expensive. Sure, there’s the dress and hair appointment, but have you considered the cost of the bridal shower and bachelorette party?

If you are on a budget, carve out some time with the bride early in the process. Maybe she would rather have you at the bachelorette party than the bridal shower. Or perhaps you can do your own hair and makeup. Finally, sites like Rent the Runway to see if renting your dress is an option.

Do I Have to Ask Her to be my Bridesmaid Because I was Her’s?

The short answer is “no,” with a couple of caveats. For example, if you grew apart over time and aren’t as close as you once were. Or perhaps you are still BFFs, but you’ve decided to have a much smaller, more intimate wedding. There are several awesome ways to include her without asking her to buy a matching dress and plan the bachelorette party.

Just How Many Bridesmaids Do I Need?

In most scenarios, the size of the wedding party is dictated by the scale of the wedding. If you are planning a large wedding, therefore, you would plan for more bridesmaids and groomsmen. The reverse is also true - the smaller weddings we have worked with always had a small wedding party. The problem for most couples has always been on how to narrow down the wedding party list. Maybe two people on the list really don’t get along, and you want to drop one. Focus on inviting close friends who you know will share the excitement of the day.

Ok, So What Exactly Does a Bridesmaid Do?

If you’re not the maid of honor, you may be under the impression there is less expected of you. Not true! Bridesmaids routinely pitch in on almost every aspect of the wedding - from coordinating travel schedules to setting up chairs.

Additionally, if you live close to the bride, you may find yourself asked to help with last minute errands before the big day. In the end, the most major task is to be utterly supportive to the bride and make yourself available for a wide variety of tasks.

Do Bridesmaids Always Get a Plus One? 

I have been planning and coordinating weddings for years, and have seen firsthand the evolution of the plus-one practice. The prevailing rule today is that anyone in a significant relationship should be extended the plus-one privilege. This is also true of your wedding party, although some brides and grooms today extend a plus-one to everyone in the wedding party, no matter their relationship status.