Changing Your Name After Your Wedding? Here’s How Much It Will Cost.

Changing Your Name After Your WeddingIf you are considering changing your name after your wedding, you want to read this.  The facts are, as they say, the facts. According to’s recent survey, a whopping 81% of brides are change their last name after their wedding. The bad news? There is more to it than just signing your marriage license. Below, we detail your options and how much each step will cost you for changing your name after your wedding- and as a bonus, we threw in a couple of tips to help you out as well.

Changing Your Name After Your Wedding

Social Security Card

Don’t fall victim to the websites that want to charge you to make changes to your social security card - you can do it yourself for free online at the Social Security Administration’s website. Simply fill out their form online or print it out and bring it to your local Social Security office.


Changing your name on your passport is a bit trickier. Check the issue date - if it was issued less than a year ago, you’ll find there is not a fee to change your name (unless you choose expedited service for $60). That being said, if your passport was issued more than a year ago, you’ll need to pay $140 for both the passport book and card. Expect 6-8 weeks for processing, so it may be best to hold off until after you get back from your honeymoon.

Changing Your Name After Your Wedding on Your Driver's License

Each state and jurisdiction have a specific rate for changing your name, and it varies widely across the US. The hassle, of course, is scrounging up every possible form of ID and waiting in line at the DMV.

But hey, you say, it's 2016 - isn’t there a better way of managing the switch? Sure, just contact our friends over at While it’s not a free service, it is reasonable: $29-$59 depending on the services you select. Sounds less painful, right?

While changing your name after your wedding is an exciting time...

it is also more to add to your todo list.

Let us help you with your todo list. Book a consultation now and see how much we can unload from your plate.

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