How to Choose Between Two Excellent Wedding Planners

0202 © 2016 Bowerbird PhotographySure, you think you have all the bases covered in your wedding planning - except what do you do when you can’t choose between two excellent wedding planners? Making a decision between two equally experienced and creative planners can be a dilemma - but you have to make a decision soon as their schedules are filling fast. What’s a future bride to do?

Here's how to choose between two excellent wedding planners

Meet in Person

First, schedule a consultation. Skype and FaceTime are great, but if you are local, there is still something in meeting in person that gives you a fuller picture of who you are hiring.

It’s also important to not only think of how they answer your questions but how you get along with each vendor. Is this someone, in other words, that you would enjoy working with? Do you genuinely like and trust this person? Never ignore your instincts during this process.

Communication is important when deciding between two excellent wedding planners

Nothing is worse than unreturned voicemails and emails when you are stressing wedding details. How hard is it to get hold of each vendor? You can’t expect then to get back to you in minutes all the time, but if someone is regularly taking days to respond, it may be a red flag. Also, think about each vendor’s communication style - are they more vocal or more email and IM savvy?

List Pros and Negatives of each

If you are stumped, try making a short list of the positives and negatives of each vendor. There can still be two excellent wedding planners but there is one that has a little more that you like then the other.

It’s not uncommon to discover during this process, for example, that there is more about a particular vendor you like or dislike. Think carefully about how each factor on your list might impact your wedding experience - and the experiences of your guests.

Read Your Contracts With the Two Excellent Wedding Planners

If you’re like most couples, your wedding budget is a major factor in your planning process. Certainly, there will be differences in cost, but it’s important not to disqualify a planner just because they cost more. Read each contract and pay particular attention to the cost detail.

Are you comparing apples to apples or apples to pears? The wedding planner with the lowest cost could be providing a barebones approach to your wedding that doesn’t meet your expectations.  You need a unique approach to your situation and your wedding.  Two excellent wedding planners may have different approaches to meeting your needs.

Don’t Forget To Seal the Deal

After you make a decision, you need to let the winner know - and quickly. Most excellent wedding planners are very busy and reserving your date is of critical importance.

You should notify the one that you didn't choose because they can use your feedback to improve their business - be honest and polite and then move on.

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