Who Else Is Shocked at the Cost of A Wedding DJ?

Cost of A Wedding DJIf you’re planning your wedding, you probably suffered some sticker shock at some of the costs. We have often heard from our clients that the cost of a wedding DJ was an abrupt wake-up call.

Average cost of a wedding DJ?

The average cost of a wedding DJ now tops $1,000, but what is driving that lofty price?

Well, it turns out there is more than simply finding a great DJ. We went right to the pros to get some answers for our brides.  These are the real wedding DJs we have worked with - to get the inside scoop on the many factors that are baked into the cost of a wedding DJ.

How Time Affects the cost of a wedding DJ

We know, you’ve already figured out that the DJ’s time is part of the bill. But did you consider his/her time meeting with you? Or the time that goes into creating your custom script and playlist? Or the travel time, setup, and breakdown?

Yes, you are technically paying for your DJ to work your reception, there are many hidden hours of work that go into an excellent DJ experience.

Staffing and Labor affects the cost of a wedding DJ

DJ’s that are busy and in demand often have a small staff of people working for him or her. The final price of a DJ, therefore, often include the salaries of individuals working behind the scenes helping your DJ provide an unforgettable music experience.

It’s critical that your DJ is fairly compensated for this to ensure the person you thought impressive and oh-so-perfect for your wedding is the same person who will be there on your big day.

Gear Purchase and Upkeep goes into the cost of a wedding DJ

Sure, you probably want your selected DJ to have all the most modern equipment to best entertain your guests. In other words, your DJ should have the right equipment to ensure all the guests can hear the music and that it will not break down in the middle of your reception.

But have you considered the other side of that coin? The most up-to-date equipment costs thousands of dollars and is factored into your quote.

The Music

A credible DJ has to pay for their music, and they need a lot of it! You should absolutely make certain that your chosen DJ has access to the hundreds of songs you and your guests might requests - and that, unfortunately, costs money.

Back End Costs affect your cost of a wedding DJ

A successful DJ will have operational expenses as well. Consider, for example, the office space rent, their advertising and marketing expenses, and costs associated with running a website.

A DJ will also have significant insurance costs - which are super-important for a DJ. For example, if someone trips over a speaker wire and is injured, who is at fault? The answer is likely the party that has insurance. If your DJ is uninsured, you risk your venue or even yourself being the target of a lawsuit.

We can handle all those details.  Let me show you how we can help you plan your wedding.

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