Cozy Up With These Winter Wedding Accessories!

You don't have to wait for spring to say "I do." A winter wedding can be a beautiful, one-of-a-kind experience, especially if you plan things out in advance so that no one loses a toe to frostbite! Grab your wedding coordinator and start making lists; here are eight essentials that you'll need for a winter wedding.

1. Winter Flowers

From snow-white roses to festive red poinsettias, there are many ways to incorporate winter flowers into your wedding. Here are just a few species that can be used in everything from your bouquets to your table settings:

  • Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Holly
  • Winter berries
  • Pine boughs

2. Warm Boots

This is a fun way to bend tradition without completely scandalizing your wedding planner. Instead of heels, pair your gown or reception dress with winter boots. A pair of black thigh-highs will contrast nicely with all of the white, or a pair of Uggs will be warm and comfy as you crunch your way down a snowy aisle.

3. Festive Favors

If you're exchanging vows before December 25th, you can have a lot of fun with Christmas-themed wedding favors. For example, candles and candy tins can be decorated with reindeer and snowmen, and peppermints can be stuffed in snack bags along with candy canes and gingerbread. Santa himself can act as the centerpiece of your reception table!

4. Fur Accessories

A warm and fuzzy bridal wrap is one of the easiest ways to avoid shivering as you exchange rings. Any wedding planner in Napa County can tell you about the importance of guarding yourself against nature's chill, especially if you're hosting your event near a lake, valley or mountain. If you're concerned about the ethical implications of wearing fur, opt for faux fur instead.

5. Gloves

Gloves are a necessity if you don't want your frozen fingers to drop the bouquet before you can toss it over your shoulder. The good news is that there are many ways to add gloves to your bridal ensemble. Here are just a few materials that might pair well with your chosen dress:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Angora
  • Leather
  • Velvet

6. Down Brim Hats

Large down brim hats are the kind seen at royal weddings, so they'll be a hit among your bridesmaids. As a bonus, they'll also protect ears and cheeks from winter temperatures! Ask your wedding planner about current trends in cut, color and size for down brim hats. You'll want something stylish enough for the moment but also timeless enough that they'll still look good in your wedding scrapbook for years to come.

7. Undergarments

You'll probably want garters for naughty reception fun, but what about when you're exchanging vows in a drafty church or taking pictures in a field of snow? Think about something warm and thick to prevent goosebumps. For example, you might invest in eggshell cable-knit leggings instead of a nude hose.

8. Lights

Everyone will want to see your glowing face as you and your partner pledge your love, so make sure that lights are in abundance. White fairy lights will look gorgeous against frosted church windows, and lanterns and ornaments can twinkle merrily among the trees during outdoor receptions. Your wedding coordinator should be able to help you with the logistics of hanging and arranging them.

These are just a few winter wedding accessories that are sure to make a splash on your big day. Whether you're doing it all alone or coordinating with a wedding planner in Napa County, let these ideas serve as inspiration for all kinds of winter wedding fun!