All the nuptials are complete, and it's finally time to get down to partying with a cocktail. But what will that drink look like? If you have planned ahead to offer a signature beverage, you and your guests will be celebrating with a delish drink that reflects the unique personalities of you and your spouse. Here we are sharing some tips from our recent weddings here in Napa and Sonoma counties.

1. Do you already have a favorite cocktail? If everyone knows you are a martini type, why not start there? It's important to select something that expresses you. So whether you a bourbon or vodka kind of couple, remember it's your day - so pick a signature drink that everyone will remember.

2. Pair it with the season. Maybe you have already read our ideas for autumn and winter inspired drinks? But what about summertime? Perhaps you are planning your wedding during the hotter months - what could be better than rounding off the start of your reception with something crisp and refreshing like a wine spritzer with fruit?

3. Start with a fun name. Consider naming the name after yourself like a "Ben and Jen." If that doesn't work for you, maybe something whimsical like a "blue rollercoaster" if it has Blue Curacao in it. One of our summer couples loved Peach Bellinis and named their signature drink "Wedding Bell-ini". Fun!

4. Design something eye-catching. With so many new types of alcohol, why not put together something visual for your guests to enjoy? If that doesn't work, consider serving your signature drink in a fun and unique glass.

5. Remember that taste is king. Your wedding day will be a day of eating, drinking, and celebrating. In the end, a perfect signature drink can be something that simply tastes awesome. Try to create a signature drink that everyone loves and will become their "go-to" drink.

So whatever your imagination can dream up for your signature drink, we hope these ideas provided some inspiration. Take a moment to comment below with your signature drink ideas. Cheers!