Creative Ways of Integrating Cultures Into Your Wedding

We have encountered several weddings where couples have expressed frustration in finding the right way to blend both of their family cultures into their big day. In a world with diverse traditions overshadowed by western culture, we understand how difficult it is to plan such weddings. Here some tips that can help you get started:

Ask your relatives

Your family should be the first place to consult with if you don't know where to start. They understand the procedures and the processes involved to make the best representation of your culture. They know all the important cultural elements to include during the big day. Make sure the wedding coordinator honors all the urgent requests from the family.

Choose the venue carefully

According to experts in wedding planning in Sonoma County, the venue is one the key points of conflicts when planning the ceremony. The best thing to do is to choose a site that does not favor one party. It needs to be as neutral as possible. For instance, holding the ceremony in the church might not be suitable for someone who is not a Christian. The same holds to planning the wedding in the mosque. Instead of a church or a mosque, find a place that can embrace both religious inclinations and cultural beliefs equally.

Ensure the vows are personal

The wedding should bring out your cultures in an equal way. You can go a notch higher and include some cultural elements in your vows. The vows should reflect all the traditional values that mean the most to you and your partner. This will make the ceremony more fun, meaningful and memorable.

Come up with a detailed menu

Again your menu must reflect your traditions. It must have the common delicacies from both cultures. The guests from both sides should not have a problem identifying some of their favorite’s dishes on the menu. In this case, you might need assistance from people who know your culture, including the foods that are unique to them. You can also contact experts in wedding planning in Sonoma County for help. Do not forget about drinks. Include local beers and wines. If your cultures do not have specific traditional drinks, you can try Caribbean rum or a fine French wine.

Incorporate the best music from both cultures

A good way to represent your cultures is to think about the music during the event. Consider artists that are attached to your culture whose music you adore. Determine whether the lyrics of their songs are relevant to the wedding. You should make sure there are at least two folk songs from both cultures. You can ask your wedding planner to identify artists and folk songs whose lyrics are relevant to the wedding.


You need to think about the fashion choices and how they will bring out both cultures in the wedding. You need to ask your family if your culture has a traditional wedding attire and honor it during the event. Your spouse should also do the same. However, you must weigh your options as to whether traditional attires or western costumes will be appropriate.


Your wedding decorations should reflect both cultures. The flowers, themes and the choice of colors should be about your traditions and believes that day. Think about your nationalities. Consider the flags of both countries. It is a good idea to add patriotism to your wedding. Let your wedding coordinator include all the signature flowers of your cultures and do some research to find other decorations that are considered valuable.