Daily Habits of Crazy Happy Couples

Crazy happy couple

Be The Crazy Happy Couples

They never seem to go nuts over petty things and are in a perpetual state of wedded nirvana.

Which begets the question - how can they be so happy? Do they take extra strength vitamins or work out more? What are they doing so differently?

They never go to bed angry with each other.

Crazy Happy Couples Tips

All couples will have disagreements and fights, but those who make it a point to kiss and make up before going to bed will be consistently happier as a couple. Going to bed angry only complicates it.  As you sleep you become angrier, and the issue grows deeper and more personal.

They're grateful for each other.

It's an adage as old as time itself; you get out of life that which you focus on. If you choose to focus on the problems in your marriage, they will become big and hairy. Which is why crazy happy couples focus on their gratitude, not their transitory problems.

Together, they can solve any problem, and they know that deep in their souls. Yes, they have problems like everyone else, but they choose not to live in their problems.

They say "I love you" and own it.

Do You Want To Be That Crazy Happy Couple?

No matter what happens in life, crazy happy couples own it together. No matter how many bumps and curves life throws at them, they never forget when they said: "till death do us part." And because of that, they say "I love you" often, no matter what is happening.

They take their date nights seriously.  Seriously...always date.  That's a big key to happiness; never stop dating each other.

Crazy happy couples tends to go out on frequent date nights, no matter what their schedule constraints. They know their time together is precious, and they hold their date nights sacred.

They never resort to yelling during disagreements.

Crazy happy couples rarely, if ever, feel the need to get in the last word in a disagreement. They have the innate instinct to set their egos aside during an argument and know how to focus their energy on resolution rather than victory.

In the end, finding - and staying in - your happy-place in your relationship isn't random, but neither is it science.  It's something in the middle. If you and your partner can commit to these daily habits, you might just become the next crazy-happy couple in your circles.

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