Decoding Destination Weddings

destination wedding

Destination Weddings Decoded

There’s just something extraordinary about hitching your knot in a far off destination. As oh-so-outstanding as a destination wedding may sound, don’t forget the boatloads of planning and legwork that goes into a far-flung celebration.

The following tips will make sure you pull off your perfect day, no matter where it’s going to be located.

With Destination Weddings, Timing is Everything

Make sure the weather is going to cooperate with your wedding plans! The best weather in popular wedding destinations tend to correlate with the high season - we can mean crowds and higher prices.

So if you still want to plan your nuptials during a peak time, make your reservations and room blocks as early as possible.

Finding the Right Spot with Destination Weddings

Let’s face it - the world is a big place, and there are endless possibilities for your destination wedding. What about a location that holds special significance for you? Maybe it’s where you met or just someplace you always wanted to visit. But before you get started, consider the potential pitfalls - does your location require a passport?

Can your guests get there easily? Are there any language barriers? How expensive is it? In the end, try to choose a destination that has the significance you need but with the amenities and conveniences that your guests will appreciate.

Use Local Color in Destination Weddings Planning

Is your destination in the mountains or on an exotic beach? Trying building your wedding palette around your destinations natural hues. Trying bringing the best parts of the place into your wedding - after all, that’s why you chose it in the first place, right?

If your place has a stunning sunset, try positioning the party so it can be enjoyed by all. Next, bring in matching decor like florals or even driftwood. Or use locally sourced florals to add some ambience for your guests.

Hammer Out All Destination Weddings Budget

Destination weddings, on average, are more expensive. Sure, you might think to have a smaller guest list will save money but you need to factor in travel costs, including airfare and hotels.

And what about your wedding staff? Will you need to fly in your coordinator and photographer? Bottom line: create a holistic budget that encompasses all of your projected expenses.

Get All The Help You Need

Let’s face it - if you’re hosting a far-flung wedding, you’ll need the help of a planner at your destination. Someone with local contacts and a deep knowledge of the chosen venue is a good start, but a solid wedding planner will also deal with logistics and handle all last minute issues.

But it doesn’t stop there - a wedding planner will often source things like your welcome bags and arranging fun activities for your guests.

Don’t Forget About Destination Weddings Ambience

Even in the best-planned weddings, things can and do go awry. Don’t forget to speak to your planner about lighting - maybe stringing market lights is your thing, or maybe candles are more romantic.

Go Easy on Your Guests

Yes, your family and friends are excited for you, but try to go easy on them. You’ve already asked them to travel, so make it simple: create a website with all the critical details - where to stay, for example, and what there is to do once they’re there.

Dress for the Environment 

Don’t forget to research the climate of your destination beforehand. For example, you may be getting married in a tropical destination - if so, a satin ball gown isn’t going to be your best choice. On the other hand, it may not play well to ask your guest to wear tuxedos on a sandy beach,

Don’t Forget to be Thankful

Finally, make it a point to thank your guests for traveling to your special day. Even better, think about sending everyone a handwritten thank-you note when you get home.

I love destination weddings.  If you are looking to get married amongst vineyards, or in Sonoma, Napa or Northern California, schedule a consultation with me so I can show you how I can help make your wedding a dream from start to finish.

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