Delish Autumn Wedding Cake Ideas

fall cake 1 Ah, the return of autumn - the air is a little crisper, the foliage a bit more colorful, and the temperature a dash cooler. But have you thought of a creative way of reflecting the season of your wedding in your wedding cake?

Grab a chair and take a look at these new wedding cake ideas from Lura Albee, our esteemed director of weddings.

When in Doubt, Just Pumpkin Spice Everything.

Go on, admit it - you've probably been waiting all summer to walk into your local Starbucks and order your oh-so-delish Pumpkin Spice latte. So what are you waiting for? Share your love of Pumpkin Spice all over your wedding cake - whether you choose a Pumpkin Spice cake or even just a Pumpkin Spice frosting, your guests are sure to be wowed.

Weave In Some Fresh Autumn Fruit

Match your love of fresh autumn air with the fruit of the seasons - raspberries, apples, strawberries and blackberries all qualify for inclusion as decorations or even a tasty filling.

Blend Some Autumn Inspired Decor Cake Color

Sure, it's an adage, but people do eat with their eyes first. So why not amp up your wedding cake with a festive fall theme? Pick colors like deep reds, warm browns, and vibrant oranges will catch your guests' attention and fire up their appetite.

fall cake 2

Fall Flowers, Anyone?

Why not integrate some fall floral options into your decor? Try running a drape of fresh chrysanthemums down your cake, or ring your cake with Heleniums - which blend into a fall theme with their gorgeous reds and yellows.

Throw Out All Ideas of a White Wedding Cake

A decidedly different spin on the typical white wedding cake is to infuse the colors and tastes of autumn. Take a nod to the season with caramel, cinnamon, and apples - it will make your cake memorable long after your wedding day becomes an anniversary.

Fall Fondant

By now you will be itching to spread the color and tastes of fall over your wedding theme! And what says autumn better than the beautiful foliage of the season? Turn to fondant to master the same look and add a whole new layer of yummy to your cake.

You're already trying something different with an autumn wedding, so why not explore all of your options to ensure your family and friends will be raving about how delicious your fall-inspired cake was for years?