Don't Say These Things To Young People Getting Married

Knowing if to get married is a personal decision between two people, but other people often share their opinions. Friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers offer engaged or newlywed couples unsolicited advice. Couples who marry young are more likely to face negative and judgmental comments that are difficult to hear, even if people mean the best in speaking up. Are you a young person planning a Northern California wedding with a wedding coordinator? You may have already heard some of these common judgmental comments. “Are you pregnant?”

One of the most common assumptions about people who marry young is that they must be pregnant. Whether or not the couple is pregnant, it’s none of your business and you certainly shouldn’t ask. It’s disrespectful and implies the time they have spent building a relationship together is unimportant.

“You might not be the same person in 10 years.”

People change throughout life and no one is likely to be the same in 10 years, no matter what their age. How old you are has nothing to do with your level of commitment to your partner. The important thing is a willingness to work things out as you grow and change together.

“What’s the rush?”

Just because a couple is marrying young doesn’t mean they are rushing into something. They may have dated for years before getting engaged; how old you are says nothing about how long you’ve been in a relationship. If a couple is committed to each other and building a life as a couple, there’s no reason not to make the most of their time together.

“I married young, and it was a mistake.”

Just because it’s an error for some people to marry young, doesn’t mean it is for you. Everyone is different, and all relationships are different.

“You’re making a poor decision.”

People may tell couples they’re making a poor or hasty decision. This is rude, and again, not any of their business. People of all ages have many reasons for getting married, and it’s a personal decision between the two people involved.

“Don’t you want to play the field?”

Not everyone intends to play the field. Some people find the right person early on and stick with them, avoiding many heartaches in the process. There is something special about a romance between two people committed to each other from the beginning.

“You’re practically a child bride.”

People in their early twenties aren’t children; they are adults and responsible for their own lives and decisions. Calling a young woman a child bride is disrespectful and not appropriate.

“You won’t finish college.”

Young couples are often told they won’t finish school, but many couples who marry young complete their degrees. Marriage can make it harder to balance your studies and daily life, but you gain a supportive partner to help you through.

“I bet it won’t last more than a year.”

People often think a marriage between young people won’t last long. Sometimes that’s the case, but many times young people enjoy long, happy relationships. Having your best friend by your side as you grow and change over the years is a beautiful thing.

“Don’t you want to see the world?”

Since when do you have to be single to see the world? Many people enjoy being single, while others find their life partner early in life and enjoy many wonderful years together. Either way, you have plenty of time to explore the world and enjoy life.

You may have already heard some of these negative comments. It’s unfortunate that young couples often have to deal with judgmental attitudes, particularly in the midst of the stress of wedding planning. A Northern California wedding is hard work to plan. If you’re struggling to get everything done or feel overwhelmed by the details, consider working with a wedding planner.

Your wedding coordinator cuts the stress of planning, helping you through the process. Enjoy the beauty of your relationship and let your wedding planner make you feel like one of the guests at your own wedding.