Fun and Fabulous Gift Card Ideas for Your Wedding

Sure, it can be a blast to see your gift table stuffed with wrapped wedding gifts, right? Not to mention sorting through all the cards you will receive - often these little pieces of paper are the most meaningful gifts. Still, why limit yourself to just a plain old table? I have been crafting wedding themes in Napa and Sonoma counties for a long time, and have seen some very creative alternatives to traditional gift tables. Here are some options we recommend for 2017 and beyond!

1. A bushel basket. Here in Napa and Sonoma counties, outdoor weddings are the norm. And many of our couples want to build a rustic-chic outdoor vibe for their weddings. What could be more spot-on perfect than a bushel basket? Cover it with fabric that matches your theme and cut a slit for gift cards to be inserted. While you're at it, place some fresh apples around it to amp-up the concept.

2. Vintage hat boxes. Going into 2017 we see vintage themes trending, and you can enhance your vintage theme using some gorgeous hat boxes. Try stacking two or three different size boxes, then wrap them in lace. What could be more elegant?

3. Wine crates. If you like many of our couples, you are hosting your wedding at one of the fabulous vineyards that make weddings in Napa and Sonoma county so beautiful and popular. Wine crates and mini casks can be purchased or rented locally. Just create a flag banner with the words “Gift Cards” and hang it from your chosen vessel.

4. An old school mailbox. Alright, you can’t get more obvious than a smart mailbox to collect your gift cards. Just write your new last name on the side, and your guests will have zero confusion about where to deposit their gift cards!

5. A doll house. We just recently planned and themed a wedding with a rustic winery theme. One of the components of the theme was an antique doll house which was modified into a gift card donation stand. The doll house had a hand-written sign on the front porch that read “Thank you for helping us build a family and a home.”

6. Birdcage. Birdcages work with almost any theme because they come in so many styles and colors. They are trendy and make fabulous places to collect your gift cards.

7. Luggage. Why not use that old suitcase or steamer trunk in your parent’s garage? They will make a fun way to collect cards from your guests. Make sure you prop them open, and you place a fun card about “Gift Cards” across the lid. It’s total retro and will leave your guests wondering where they gift cards will be traveling!

8. Photo Box. An excellent DIY project is to purchase a large picture display box. Load it up with pictures of you as a couple and leave room for the gift cards. Easy-peasy!