Getting a Last-Minute Wedding Ready In Napa? Here’s What You’ll Need To Do

  Napa Valley is one of the greatest spots in the world for a wedding. But what should you do if you’re trying to get a wedding ready at the last minute?

You shouldn’t have to panic when getting your last-minute wedding in Napa prepared. There are many great things to do when thinking about your wedding plans.

Who Offers the Drinks?

It should not be all that hard for you to find someone who will provide your wedding party with drinks in Napa. This is especially given that there are plenty of great wineries around the region to choose from.

You will have to look at what drinks these wineries offer before choosing one. See if you can schedule a wine tasting to determine if the options the winery has are suitable for your wedding.

Check On the Weather

The weather in Napa can be intensely varied throughout the year. It can be around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer for the most part but then around 50 degrees at night. It almost never goes below freezing in Napa but you should at least prepare for the weather when getting your wedding ready. This is to ensure the right forms of transportation are available or that a good outdoor venue will be available for the event.

Avoid Lots of Tall Arrangements

Windy conditions are prominent around Napa Valley. This means that taller floral arrangements can be at risk of coming apart. They may not stand up for long and can blow pedals and other things all around your wedding site. Therefore, any floral feature added to your wedding space should be organized with shorter bodies.

Dried Flowers Are Beautiful

Your wedding in Napa Valley will be more entertaining if you get the right types of flowers. Dried flowers are especially perfect to have as they are more natural in their appearance and will blend in with the Napa Valley landscape. These make for great centerpieces for your wedding tables.

In addition, dried flowers are not going to die quickly. They can handle the sun’s rays and not break down even when the sun starts to get a little intense.

Look For Shade

Find a space that has plenty of shade for your wedding. This is to keep the people there comfortable and to make it easier for photographers to take pictures without worrying about annoying glare issues. This also helps your flowers as they will last a little longer while in the shade. You can also have small handheld parasols or umbrellas available for your guests and others as well if you can’t find a spot with enough shade.

Find More Open Moments In Your Schedule

It helps to find a few open points in a wedding schedule to where the couple of honor and other people in attendance will have time to do whatever they want. You should do this as a wedding day in Napa Valley can go by rather quickly. It always helps to have a bit of time to just rest and take in everything that has happened in the day.

Be prepared when aiming to make your last-minute wedding in Napa one to remember. A little bit of planning will go a long way towards making your wedding memorable.