Getting Married in Napa - What You Need to Know

getting married in NapaGetting Married in Napa - What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about getting married in Napa? Then you need the inside scoop! Napa is one of our favorite wedding destinations because the beauty is unmatched.

In fact, Napa is one of the greatest wine regions in the world. It takes lush, fertile soil to grow wine grapes and this makes for breathtaking and vibrant landscape.

Getting Married in Napa And Your Venue Choices

Deciding on the venue is one of the most adventurous parts of planning your wedding.

We have excellent relationships with all the venues and vendors to plan the wedding of your dreams. Brides want top quality for their wedding needs and we can provide that.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when getting married in Napa.

You should first decide if you want:

  • Scenic views?
  • Winery wedding?
  • Opulence and Elegance?
  • Intimate setting?

Napa is not short on scenic views. Many of the venues offer views that will make you truly excited.

If you want a winery wedding there are a few things you should know.

Napa passed an ordinance in 1990 that limited wineries to advertising events only. This means weddings cannot legally be held on winery property, with the exception of a few wineries.

We have the connections with those wineries.

You should know that Napa weddings are extremely expensive. Even down to the last detail like hair and make-up expect to spend more in Napa than other areas.

Why is Napa more expensive?

The culture is very unique. For couples looking for a certain culture, Napa has it all.

Perfection. Everything in Napa is done to perfection with no mistakes. This peace of mind adds to the cost.

What if I don’t have a huge budget to work with?

Even if you have a lower budget, you don’t have to rule out Napa. You can shorten your guest list and focus on the details that are needed while cutting out items that are not absolutely necessary.

I can help you decide what is absolutely necessary to have a wonderful wedding.

If you are perfectly clear about having an intimate wedding and approach it the right way, your non-invited guests will understand. Make sure the people you invite are absolutely necessary. Don’t invite a friend of a friend but leave your friend out.

Vendor headaches

You may have heard brides complaining about the nightmare of dealing with vendors. You don’t have to worry about that when you are working with me.

Vendors want to produce perfection and they can get irritated if they don’t have the exact information they need. Vendors don’t want to guess at what will make you happy.

Even if you think you are being clear, it often takes someone that is accustomed to working with the individual vendors to know how to communicate your needs in the way they need to hear it. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s what someone hears.

I make sure that everyone is well informed and on the same page. This makes everything go smoothly.

The one piece of advice I have concerning your guests…

Consider dinner seating to be an inspired decision. Sit down with your list of names written on pieces of individual paper. 1 name per paper piece.

Go through your list and match people that have something in common. Make mock seating charts with your paper pieces. Or you can follow the instructions in the video below.

Do you have a single friend that is looking for love? Maybe match her with a table of eligible bachelors.

Do you know people that could be useful to each other in business? Make that connection by seating them together.

What about people that have common interests? We all have the crazy friends that are super passionate about health or conspiracy or a hobby. Pair them with either like minded people or people that can get along with anyone.

How about pairing personality types? You may want your reserved introverted friends to have fun, but seating them at a table where extroverts keep them talking won’t be fun for them. Introverts have fun just observing.

If you are focused on getting married in Napa, I’d love to help you plan your wonderful wedding. You can schedule a consultation with me here.


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