Our Guide to Creating a Kids' Table at Your Wedding

Picture1 Do you want to have children at your wedding? Making sure that your wedding is set up with kids in mind will help prevent potential problems. The best way to keep kids entertained is to follow our guide to creating a kids’ table at your wedding.

Having kids at your wedding can be a source of argument for couples.

Your significant other may disagree with what you want. Whether you are for or against kids at your wedding, it is a good idea to keep them entertained if they are going to be attending.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 1

Seat kids together. Kids have more fun if they are seated together. If they are sitting with adults, they will be bored and are more prone to whining.

Designate a kid’s table where all the kids can sit together.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 2

iSpy placemats, crayons, and crafts. Kids love iSpy and it keeps them busy when they are not talking and laughing. Crayons are mess free and won’t ruin their good dress clothes. Also, consider plain paper crowns that the kids can color and wear.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 3

Activity kits are a surprise treat that kids will love. Make sure that not every box is the same so kids can trade each other.

You can put treats like goldfish, gogurt, fruit snacks, and dried fruit in their boxes. Avoid candy that can give kids a sugar rush and make them hyper.

You can add small toys like yo-yos, silly putty, and colored pipe cleaners to keep their imaginations running wild.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 4

Have the kids make cards for the bride and groom. You can either set a station up or give them the stickers, crayons, and non-messy embellishments right there at their table.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 5

Kids love disposable cameras. You can create a scavenger hunt and have the kids run around taking pictures of each item on the list. It’s interactive fun and keeps the kids busy.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 6

Legos, play dough, popcorn, and videos - Oh, My! Tablets that play movies, movie buckets of popcorn will cover kids’ basic needs. Legos and playdough will help to keep little hands busy while they watch movies.

Creating a kids’ table at your wedding Rule # 7

Kids love buckets of glow sticks and bubbles. This is especially fun for an outdoor reception. Bubbles will keep the younger kids entertained for hours. The older kids will love a game of hide and go seek wearing glow sticks once the sun goes down.

Another idea is to hire a group of childcare attendants to make sure the kids have plenty to do. The attendants can meet the needs of the children, which allows parents to have a little free time.

Kids are easy to please and easy to entertain, especially when other kids are involved in the fun.

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