A Guy's Guide for Getting Ready for His Napa Wedding

Look, we get it - you’re getting ready for the biggest day of your life (your fabulous Napa wedding!) and yet you took an hands-off approach to the wedding planning details. You're a walking, talking bundle of nerves and contradictions, and yet somehow, you found someone who loved you for all it, and now its time to spiff yourself up. That’s right, we’re talking about your day-of grooming. And to be certain, most of the lavish attention of the day will be on your bride-to-be, but that doesn’t give you a pass on getting your grooming house in order. Add to all this the fact your bride-to-be has dreamed of this day all her life, and wants to see her guy all spiffed up and as handsome as ever. The solution? A little manscaping will go a long way to making her dream come true.

Napa Man-icures
If you can't remember the last time you trimmed your fingernails, it's likely time to cut them again before your big wedding. Remember - keeping your nails healthy and neat is required for basic social acceptance, and it's a great way to build your confidence on your big day. Several spas and nail centers in Napa provide an awesome nail experience for men, and we heartily recommend the following based on our couples experiences:
Eco Polish Boutique
Silverado Resort
Allure Nails
Shave and Haircut, Please
Ok, guys - time to remove the shags and tighten up your bands. In other words, don't forget to get a haircut about a week before your big day. A week will allow time for your hair to settle and adjust to your new cut. Ask your barber to to touch up your beard, mustache, neckline, or any other unwanted facial hair. Our picks for the top Napa wedding barbers are:
The Executive Room
Stag's Barbershop
Pearly Whites
Don't forget the importance of a great smile in your Napa wedding. There are several dentists in Napa, so schedule an appointment for a cleaning to polish your choppers to perfection. Don't worry about a little discoloration - there are boatloads of whitening products available in your local drugstore, and many are quick and painless. If you find you don't have the time for a slew of dental visits before your wedding, ask your dentist to recommend an over-the-counter product.
Get a Good Facial
Facials are a fabulous way of keeping your skin smooth and sans blemishes. A good esthetician can safely remove blackheads and know how to best open your pores for a deep cleaning and toning. Most wedding facials can take around an hour or more to complete, so schedule accordingly. Another point to consider: estheticians use powerful acne products that are not widely available in stores, so schedule your facial at least a week before your wedding in case you have a reaction.
Your Man Scent of Love
Today man scents are trending and most women will agree they prefer their men to smell fresh and clean. So whether your thing is a yummy aftershave, cologne, or just scented soap, you can add a splash of aromatic goodness to go along with your formal wedding look. Think of your man scent as the icing on your wedding grooming cake.
So it goes like this: proper grooming is not just following metrosexual trends - it's also a crucial component in your wedding. So why not put a little thought and action into your grooming efforts?